Game of Thrones trailer: Bowie and Blood and Beards, oh my


Game of Thrones fans – your official season five trailer is here! Can we talk about that choice of cover songs? The use of a “Heroes” cover here is basically perfect.

SDCC ’14: Bryan Fuller reveals season 3 Hannibal spoilers


 By Hannah Lodge [Spoilers for the show up to and including season 2 below – obviously! – Steve] Hannibal show runner Bryan Fuller revealed some early details for the upcoming third season at Comic Con panel and press events Thursday, including the likely inclusion of Gillian Anderson as a series regular next year, the return […]

The Beat Podcasts! More To Come – Comics on TV


Straight from the offices of Publishers Weekly, it’s More to Come! Your podcast source of comics news and discussion starring The Beat’s own Heidi MacDonald. In this week’s episode, Heidi and the rest of the More to Come Crew – Calvin Reid and Kate Fitzsimons – discuss their upcoming appearance at New York comic con, […]

Here be Monsters: new Guillermo Del Toro manga TV adaptation in the works


Some seriously appetite whetting news via Deadline: HBO have teamed up with none other than scare master extraordinaire, Guillermo Del Toro, to adapt Naoki Urasawa’s 18 volume manga series, Monster. Urasawa’s story follows a brilliant young doctor, Kenzo Tenma, who risks his reputation, career and fiancee when he chooses to save the lives of two young twins, over treating […]

How to stonewall: AMC head on Mazzara exit


With two showrunners in three years making The Walking Dead a revolving door for producers, you might think AMC Networks CEO Josh Sapan might have some observations on why that particular job eats ‘em up and spits ‘em out. but no. Instead, he delivers a brilliant demonstration of how to Shut. It. Down. when quizzed […]

Women to enter a comic shop on Big Bang Theory


It all happens this Thursday. That’s one small step for a woman…

On the Scene: The Future of Television Conference Goes Digital


On November 16th, a one day conference held at the Museum of Jewish Heritage brought out the best and brightest in Television to talk about the future, and that meant digital media. TiVo, YouTube, Netflix, and Social Media were all on the table, or more specifically, giant screens complete with a social media feed of […]

The Walking Dead Season 3: Now THIS is a Good Zombie Show!


We’re two episodes into Season 3 of The Walking Dead and I’m relieved and pleased to be able to say: now THIS is the zombie apocalypse show I was hoping for! I know, that’s kind of blasphemy in some circles. The truth is I just found myself unable to really connect to the show or […]