Fruits Basket is coming back from Yen Press, along with lots more from Natsuki Takaya


Natsuki Takaya’s Fruits Basket was one of the greatest hits of the First Manga Era, with the English editions from TokyoPop one of the best selling manga of the time. The original was published from 1998 to 2006 in Japan and was turned into a successful anime as well. While ToykoPop’s manga have been OP for five years, Yen Press knows a good thing when they see it and they’re bringing back Fruits Basket in fully updated collector’s editions AND publishing more from Takaya’s list including her classic Twinkle Stars and her new Liselotte & Witch’s Forest.

Speaking of Dave Sim; The remastered Church and State Pt. 1 is available


While poking around on the A Moment of Cerebus site following my previous post on Glamourpuss, I noticed that the remastered editions of Church & State, perhaps the masterpiece of Cerebus’s 300 issue run, seems to be back in print in a superior remastered edition. I guess that was kickstartered, but it’s not always easy […]

‘Batman vs. Superman’ in race to see who is the biggest fascist


Well last night’s Batman v Superman trailer debut definitely perked things up for this film. After the underwhelming sepia-toned teaser from Monday this stoked the chatter to acceptable levels with variety of villains and a question of just how heroic all these heroes are going to be. And for the first time, the Big Three of DC in one film.

Chip Zdarsky auctions rare Vader Down variant for Syrian refugees


The above Vader Down #1 variant with a Chip Zdarsky over, referencing the forbidden memory of Jaxxon the rabbit is one of the rarest of Marvel variant covers—one was available for every 4,999 issues ordered, so only a handful exist. One recently said at $3,739 eBay so it is apparently a legitimate rarity. On his […]

Preview: Master Obi-Wan and Padawan Anakin have adventures in new Marvel comic


  Marvel continues it’s very successful line of “NAME OF CHARACTER” Star Wars books with Obi-Wan And Anakin by Charles Soule and Marco Checchetto, which comes out in January. Disney may have brutally kiboshed George Lucas’s future ideas for Star Wars, but the prequels have plenty of room for prequels, sequels, standalones and what have […]

Nice art: Christopher Hunt and Paul Pope’s Carver art


We’ve been talking up a book called Carver for a while here at the Beat. It’s the work of Christopher Hunt, one of the fast rising young guns of comics. The first issue, published by Z2 is out today, and it has a Paul Pope back up story and variant cover. And it all looks […]

Nice Art: The Quest for the Time Bird by Le Tendre and Loisel


Regis Loisel is a spectacular artist. If you’ve seen his version of Peter Pan you know this to be true. Titan is releasing a US version of The Quest for the Time Bird, a fantasy written by Serge Le Tendre. It’s out today and it looks gorgeous. THE QUEST FOR THE TIME BIRD WRITER: SERGE LE […]

James Jean gets an iPad Pro and the result is about what you’d expect


The iPad Pro—a larger tablet that with added keyboard and pressure sensitive pen becomes a mini computer/Wacom—is shipping out to artists and comics readers everywhere. The Beat’s own mother is experimenting with one right now and will hopefully have a review soon. But in the meantime, artist James Jean has one and it turns out […]