Self promotion the non-annoying way


We’ve quoted Blerdgurl (formerly Derpygurl) before on promoting at cons, and she has a new post out called 10 Ways to Promote Your Project for Free With Bloggers, Journalists and Podcasters with the subtext of not being annoying. It’s a pretty clear step by step examination of how to get known in the social media […]


RIP Yvonne Craig


Actress/dancer Yvonne Craig has passed away at age 78, following a battle with breast cancer. Her official site has her obituary. Of course, she will always be known for playing Batgirl in the Batman TV series, but she was also a dancer (as shown by her role as the Orion slave girl Marta in Star Trek) and a lovely person who made many appearances at conventions over the years. Reading her obituary makes it clear that she lived a very full life.


Nice art: Jaime Hernandez cover for Archie #4


I’m not sure if Jaime Hernandez has ever drawn the Archie characters “for reals” before, but it’s a very well known fact that Archie artist Harry Lucey was a HUGE influence on both Hernandez Brothers. So call this full circle as Jaime does a variant cover for the fourth issue of the revamped/real world Archie title by Mark Waid and Fiona Staples. Can you say…oh yes yes yes.


Washington court orders payment and fines in Kickstarter fraud case


As crowdsourcing has become a normal part of financing creative projects, a few bad apples have soured the barrel with non delivery. A few months ago, the FTC announced it would start looking in to Kickstarters that don’t deliver and now a Seattle court has ordered the creators of the Asylum Playing Cards Kickstarter—Altius Management and Edward J. Polchlopek—to pay over $54,000 in fines and settlement.


Comics Alert: Ronald Wimberly on New Orleans and Gentrification


Ronald Wimberly has a new two page comic in this week’s The New Yorker recounting a trip to New Orleans ten years after Katrina and discovered a world of gentrification and AirBnB. The clever folks at Condé Nast have made it just a wee bit too small to red online, so you’ll have to go […]


Making comics: Do you need to go to cons and live in NYC or LA to break in?


Short answer: no. Faith Erin Hicks has a far more informative and entertaining longer version, which includes anecdotes and concrete evidence of how she broke in while living in relatively remote, Halifax, NS. A few years ago I was at a dinner with a bunch of people I knew casually. They all worked in the […]


The Dog Days


You probably didn’t even notice, but The Beat Herself has been on vacation for the last week, however we’re headed home today although travelling by train, the most restful way to travel. However WiFi is unreliable so maybe I’ll be posting later today…or maybe the Elite Beat Operatives will still be running the show. 

In […]


Vivek J. TIwary to host the Harvey Awards


After his heartfelt speech a few years ago when winning a Harvey Award, having Vivek J. Tiwary host the Harveys this year seems like a great idea. Tiwary, the author of The Fifth Beatle, and a Tony award winning Broadway veteran producer, will host the gala on September 26th during the annual Baltimore Comicon. Harvey […]


Marvel Month-to-Month Sales–June 2015: Too Much Choice On The Menu!

Secret Wars #3

by Xavier Lancel

Welcome to a new analysis of the Marvel sales. Reminder: I’m French, that’s why I’m talking funny. Please address your complaints to my over-drugged cyclists country.
Reminder: those sales are estimates, sales to comics shops located in North America. American comics do get sold somewhere else in their original floppy edition. Keep also in mind that just because a copy is sold to a shop doesn’t mean it’s sold to a customer. This would be way too easy. Digital sales are not taken into account.

This month, a horde of mini-series (or ongoing, who knows, Marvel hasn’t been very clear on that) is invading the Marvel chart. Only one thing is sure: everything will be relaunched (or should I say renumbered) past Secret Wars (SW). The Last Days banner, supposed to frighten customers (“Oh, look, that’s his last adventure in the old MU! “), is working like a charm for titles who were struggling to stay alive.

As always, tons of Star Wars franchise comics are sold, reordered, repackaged. The $5 price tag is less predominant this month but the test worked: customers are ready to pay $5 for, not caviar in a nice box, but paté wrapped in journal paper: you’ll have to do your own cover, cut the ads and add the still missing 2 pages that were lost “to keep the prices low “…


IDW’s parent company stock splits 10-for-1 and gets new ticker name


As we’ve mentioned here a few times, the majority owner of IDW is actually a holding company, formerly known as CTM MEDia Holdings, but now renamed IDW Media Holdings, Inc. because IDW is such a prominent part of their business. IT’s just been announced that CTM has completed a ten-for-one stock split and will be […]


State of the Industry : The floppy abides


And with another “where are we at now” the revamped Trouble with Comics (or “Middle Aged White (mostly) Men on Comics”) looks at the state of the pamphlet, or periodical comic, as we like to call it here at Stately Beat Manner. The question, McLaughlin Group style, is


State of the Digital Industry: Amazon/Comixology gets bigger


Comics business has generally been on an upward trajectory of late, but there are several signs that’s things are slowing down a bit. No disaster, maybe just a leveling out as some sales methods used to goose things (variant covers and so on) lose some of their punch. So no surprise that a few raw […]


MoCCA Festival announces dates and new venue for 2016


Update: the correct dates for the show are April 2-3, not 3-4 as I originally wrote. MoCCA Festival, New York’s largest indie comics focused event, has announced a new venue for 2016: Metropolitan West, an event space located at West 46th Street between 10th and 11th Avenue. Programming will be held nearby at Ink48, a […]


Trank Sank: Fantastic Four blame flies after poor box office showing


About the one element not being blamed for the Fantastic Four’s meagre $26.2M opening is superhero box office fatigue. The film opened at #2, and was the worst “opening frame” for a superhero film since Green Lantern. And the finger of the blame game is being posted squarely at director Josh Trank, with the Wrap […]


Did Watchmen Steal From The Outer Limits, Or From Jack Kirby?


[Warning: The following contains spoilers for Watchmen, The Outer Limits, and some old sci-fi you probably weren’t planning on reading.] At the end of Watchmen, a television set in the background announces a rerun of The Outer Limits episode “The Architects Of Fear.” This was a reference to a creative debate that occurred behind the scenes between writer […]


This Weekend: Autoptic in Minneapolis


This weekend’s premiere comics event is Autoptic, the Minneapolis stop on the ongoing indie comics festival tour. Guests include Josh Bayer, Gabrielle Bell, Charles Burns, Ines Estrada, Edie Fake, Sammy Harkham, Aidan Koch, Laura Park Jillian Tamaki, and the exhibitor list is impressive, so it’s A-list all the way. The show has a few previews […]