Bendis and Marquez map a Flight Plan for the Invincible Iron Man


Marvel went to USA Today this morning to break the news that author Brian Michael Bendis is switching from X-Men to the new Invincible Iron Man title. David Marquez of Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man is joining Bendis on pencils alongside color artist Justin Ponsor. This isn’t the first time that the author has written the character, as Tony […]

On the Scene: Pros Wrestle with Tony Stark’s Appeal in ‘Iron Man at 50’ Event


The fact that both the Iron Man character and the Avengers team has reached their 50th anniversary since creation hasn’t received a lot of attention in the press, and this could be because the immense success of the IRON MAN and AVENGERS films means that the powers that be don’t particularly want the public to […]

INTERVIEW: Marie Javins on Super-Geekdom and Compassion in IRON MAN: EXTREMIS


Reading Marie Javins new IRON MAN: EXTREMIS prose novel, released April 16th, on my iPad, gave me an eerie moment of realizing how much had changed in the technological surface of our lives since Warren Ellis and Adi Granov released their Iron Man comic arc EXTREMIS in 2005 and 2006. Facebook was around then, but […]