SDCC ’16: The “All-New Wolverine” Becomes an ‘Enemy of the State’


There are spoilers for the current arc of All-New Wolverine in this post. Marvel didn’t have any new titles to announce at their ‘Death of X’ panel yesterday at SDCC, but they made up for that with the news that the deservedly popular All-New Wolverine will be continuing on in earnest later this year, with a […]

Advance Review: SUPERIOR IRON MAN #1 has a god complex


As humongous and “earth shattering” as event comics can be they usually aren’t the endgame a publisher has in mind. The payoff usually lies in what comes after, whether it’s in the form of another event or a new series. Unfortunately for Marvel the pattern that’s developed is a stale event followed by a great series; one example that comes to mind was Dark Avengers coming after the Secret Invasion event. Marvel’s latest case, AXIS, while convoluted at times, has set the stage for Tom Taylor to play on the other side of the big two field with Superior Iron Man.

Injustice: Gods Among Us writer Tom Taylor finally gets a regular DC gig: Earth 2


DC is releasing a ton of news today, including best-selling writer Tom Taylor will be taking over Earth 2 after writer James Robinson left the book under mysterious circumstances. MTV Geek has the news that Taylor will take over starting with October’s issue #17. Nicola Scott stays on as artist. “I’ve had so much fun […]