SDCC ’15: We talk cape snaps, controversy and cons with the Batgirl of Burnside team


At SDCC ’15 I talked with the Burnside Batgirl crew about their creative origins, how the look that launched a thousand cosplays came to be, how to handle creative criticism, and their earliest con experiences.


UPDATE – Amazing Arizona Con 2015: Deadpool ruled & art crooks were called out


The Valentines State’s first comic con of the year wrapped up over the romantic weekend. Jimmy Jay, Amazing Arizona Comic Con organizer, didn’t let a hallmark holiday get in the way of putting on his three-day annual comic book convention on Friday, Feb. 13 through Sunday, Feb. 15. The event kicked off with an intimate panel with Spawn Creator Todd McFarlane and the New York Times best selling Batman artist, Greg Capullo. They signed someone’s baby.


McFarlane Teases his “single BIGGEST issue” of Spawn at Image Expo


By: Alexander Jones Author Todd McFarlane has just announced a teaser for a brand new project he’s taking over to Image Expo, as well as more information on Spawn #250, and a new comic the creator is working on. The picture McFarlane shared on Facebook contains a classic version of the Spawn character drawn in a […]


The Beat Podcasts! More To Come – Comics are for Everyone

Straight from the offices of Publishers Weekly, it’s More to Come! Your podcast source of comics news and discussion starring The Beat’s own Heidi MacDonald. In this week’s episode, Heidi and the rest of the More to Come Crew – Calvin Reid and Kate Fitzsimons – discuss Mark Millar, Todd McFarlane and the relationship between women […]


Now a big softie, Todd McFarlane comments on the return of Angela


Although once known for combative rhetoric and an aggressive stance, McFarlane Toys CEO Todd McFarlane sounded a conciliatory note when asked about the return of Angela in the pages of ULTRON WAR #10. McFarlane once fought a bitter lawsuit over the ownership of Angela with Neil Gaiman, and perhaps the settlement included a non-disparagement clause? […]


Interview and Exclusive Preview: Peyo’s BENNY BREAKIRON with Jim Salicrup of Papercutz

Benny1-COV 2

Following a multi-volume and ongoing celebrated run of bringing Peyo’s original SMURFS comics to English-speaking reader, all ages comics publisher Papercutz is poised to release the first volume of another Peyo classic, BENNY BREAKIRON on May 7th, 2013. Papercutz, headed by former Marvel editor and all round comics ambassador Jim Salicrup, has been kind enough […]


Todd McFarlane is suing Al Simmons over Spawn identity—here’s the complaint


It’s been a a little while since Todd McFarlane was involved in a lawsuit, but that sad, empty feeling can go away now, as he is suing former employee Al Simmons for claiming to be Spawn. For anyone who was around in the 90s this will come as a surprise since Al Simmons, the real […]


Gaiman settlement cost Todd McFarlane $1,100,000

Daniel Best digs up the bankruptcy court proceedings for Todd McFarlane Inc. and notes that the $2.2 million settlement includes $1.1 million set aside for the “Gaiman Settlement (Class 4).” As Best notes, this is not necessarily the amount of money that Neil Gaiman received, since lawyers fees were to come out of the money.


Must read: Gaiman/McFarlane/Miracleman: The Saga

This is what we call a “hot drink” post in the biz*, as in, you must get a hot drink and a comfy chair before you dive in to the next link. Pádraig Ó Méalóid has done an amazing job of putting together a Gaiman/McFarlane/Marvelman timeline, which, although it only skims the details of the Marvelman deals of the ’80s, does cover the 10-year legal battle between Gaiman and McFarlane as it pertains to Marvelman. It’s a tale of (Tony) twists and turns. Of course the pre-history is also stunning:


What Neil Gaiman is going to do—or not do— with the $382,000 Todd McFarlane put in escrow — UPDATED

Although when a final settlement was reached in the epic Gaiman/McFarlane legal battle a few weeks ago, most people thought it was all over. But now there is The Accounting. Daniel Best dug up the settlement papers which mentioned just how much money Todd McFarlane might owe Neil Gaiman. Just to be clearer about this, the money in question is in an escrow account and there is really no discussion over its exact disposition. As noted it would go to legal fees, or Neil Gaiman or other things. In addition, the profits from the characters Gaiman co-created—the actual subject of the lawsuit—have yet to be audited.


Judge rules McFarlane must pay Gaiman for derivative characters

Judge Barbara Crabb has made a decision following the June court appearance by Neil Gaiman and Todd McFarlane over profits for the characters Dark Ages Spawn, Tiffany and Domina. Gaiman held that these cast-members of the Spawn-i-verse were derivative of Medieval Spawn and Angela (characters that he co-owns, as ruled after the epic 2002 court battle), thus he was entitled to half the profits from these characters. McFarlane held the opposite and had refused to provide information on the profits.

Judge Crabb sided with Gaiman, citing the similarity of the characters in a decision (readable here) which shows she spent a lot of time reading up on Spawn:


Gaiman/McFarlane’s eternal struggle renewed yet again

The week saw a scaled down direct-to-video sequel to 2002’s “epic battle’ between Todd McFarlane and Neil Gaiman for copyrighs to characters Gaiman created in an issue of Spawn. Out of all the press reports we’ve seen, Gaiman’s own account, blogged today, is by far the most clear and accurate — well, he is a beloved author after all:


Gaiman vs. McFarlane AGAIN?

It’s been seven (!) years since Neil Gaiman prevailed in a lawsuit against Todd McFarlane over the rights to characters he created in Spawn, but this is one of those undead cases that still rises from the grave. According to a story in the Wisconsin State Journal, Gaiman has asked for another trial to settle the issue of how much money he’s owed for these characters. But Round Two isn’t is go yet, as the judge has merely called for a evidentiary hearing on June 14.