The Marvel Rundown: Is Marvel’s newest take on the Thunderbolts punishing?


This week in The Marvel Rundown, we’re taking a look at a shiny pair of new #1s.  First, we examine The Punisher, a series about Marvel’s resident badass on call whose reputation was recently bolstered by a recent appearance on the Netflix show Marvel’s Daredevil. Writer Becky Cloonan (Gotham Academy) is joined by Punisher veteran Steve Dillon (Punisher: […]

Netflix officially orders Punisher spin-off


Per a report from Entertainment Weekly just a few minutes ago, they’ve learned that Netflix has ordered a Punisher spin-off series starring Jon Bernthal. The Punisher, widely considered by most to be the highlight of Daredevil‘s second season, seemed like a shoe-in for his own series and was definitely being set up as such in […]

The trailer for DAREDEVIL Season 2 will make you wish it was March already


Moralities collide between Matt Murdock and Frank Castle in this newly released Daredevil Season 2 trailer. While the promo mostly focuses on the conflict between the two, with The Punisher taking some inspiration from the actions of Daredevil, make sure you watch the whole thing for a quick glimpse of the other big character debuting […]

Jon Bernthal cast as The Punisher in Daredevil Season 2

  Now here’s a big surprise for your Tuesday as Marvel’s Daredevil gets its first new cast addition in The Walking Dead and The Wolf of Wall Street‘s Jon Bernthal, who will be playing the role of Frank Castle aka The Punisher. Per Marvel’s press release announcing the casting, head of Marvel television, Jeph Loeb, had this […]

On the Scene: Jason Aaron, Greg Rucka, Jason Latour Talk Crime Comics at Heroes Con 2013


Vito Delsante hosted a gathering of some of the purveyors of the gritty, and often all too reality-based comics handling crime and violence at Heroes Con, and when they noticed that everyone on the panel was bald, they decided that this was a call to “embrace the dark side of humanity” by shaving one’s head.  […]