Palmiotti, Gray and Ordway launch DC's Human Bomb

By Steve Morris Suspiciously, DC have today announced on CBR that writers Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti and artist Jerry Ordway will be the creative team for a four-issue ‘Human Bomb’ miniseries. Why suspiciously? Because this follows two previous miniseries by the writers, which also starred members of DC’s Freedom Fighters team. SUSPICIOUS WORK IS AFOOT!

DC New 52 site launches, leaks, promotes

DC has launched a subsite for their September relaunch, and at last it has a name The New 52. The site includes the video of DC execs promoting the launch which was widely circulated yesterday, as well as previews of the various titles.

It also, as Comics Alliance slyly pointed out, hadn’t been properly proofed, as when it went live it included earlier, Earth-4 versions of the creative teams on a number of books: