MUST-READ: Jamie Smart on Developing All-Ages Comics


Here’s a post written by cartoonist Jamie Smart, whose work is seen regularly in comics including The Beano, The Phoenix and the now-departed Dandy. Following the wake of the latter’s cancellation, Smart’s written a piece about the need for there to be accessible all-ages comics available for every generation. It’s considered, on-point, and definitely worth […]

Farewell to The Dandy

By Steve Morris Just like every delicious Cow Pie you’ve ever had the pleasure to eat, The Dandy is now reaching an end. One of Britain’s longest-running publications, the comic was released regularly for the past 75 years, coming out almost every week during that time. For context, only two other comics pre-date it, one of […]

The Dandy faces cancellation

It’s an obscure title here in the US, but in the UK, The Dandy is akin to Sesame Street and Peanuts all rolled into one. It’s the UK’s longest running comic, but it’s 75 year run might just be at an end, the Guardian reports. With sales that have slipped from 2 million a week to in 50s to 8000 today, you can see why.

The Dandy was launched in 1937 as a children’s magazine, and featured such much-loved (and mocked) characters as Desperate Dan and Korky the Cat—and came packaged with a whistle. If these characters aren’t usually mentioned among the medium’s shining stars they were still reliable friends for kids from the 30s on. However the market for kids comics magazines just isn’t what it used to be.