Is Dark Horse Entering a Golden Age?

Dark Horse appears to be increasing their list of titles at a gradual but steady pace, with some laudable caution but what seems to be a specific agenda to build on their successes rather than simply allowing those successes to maintain their reputation over time. Many readers have been following the publisher’s works since their inception in 1986, and know they’ve had their rocky patches, like any other publisher, but there seems to be increasing momentum in the past couple of years that is carrying Dark Horse to a new level of productivity and reader appeal. dkhlogoHow have they accomplished this? In part, the financial success they’ve managed to achieve over time giving them more flexibility for introducing new titles now must be due to the diversity of their output.

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Talk about an anticipated comic! While enthusiasts are waiting impatiently for the launch of THE BLACK BEETLE #1-4, “No Way Out”, starting on January 16th from Dark Horse, those who missed the three part installments of “Night Shift” in DARK HORSE PRESENTS #11-13 can catch it in rather glorious collected format in issue 0.

Eisner and Eagle Award winner Francesco Francavilla, veteran of SCALPED, ZORRO, and DETECTIVE COMICS, and BEETLE creator is still a “newcomer”, though that’s increasingly hard to believe.  BLACK BEETLE started out on Francavilla’s Pulp Sunday Blog but has moved rapidly into “cult classic” status due to its nostalgic roots in pulp detective fiction and film, but also, let’s face it, because of Francavilla’s simply stunning artwork. Francavilla has a sensibility as grounded in design tradition as innovation, as “Night Shift’s” cover and film-poster title page attest.

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