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The Beat has been intermittent these past few days, and our crack team of technical experts are working feverishly to solve the problems, so that you may enjoy the informative, entertaining content that you expect from Heidi, Steve, and me, Torsten, the wrangler of the infinite monkeys. Do to this service disruption, I will be […]


Who turned the lights out at the Super Bowl: Beyoncé or Bane?


When the Super Bowl at the Super Dome was plunged into darkness by a blackout last night, Twitter immediately pointed the finger at two possible suspects—halftime entertainer Beyoncé ,who doubtless needed a million hair dryers to get her ‘do just so, and alight those neon Busby Berkeley tributes.


Extended IRON MAN 3 trailer and new stills


Disney has released the EXTENDED (well, really extensive) trailer for IRON MAN 3 a brief snippet of which was shown on the Super Bowl in the posh post Beyoncé spot.