More Hulk vs Ant-Man stills from that Coke ad


Some high res stills from the Hulk/Ant-Man battle for a soft drink have been released. None of them feature the Hulk, but he’s shy. These debuted in last night’s Super Bowl spot for new Coke Mini cans, which will feature six Marvel characters. including Sam Wilson Captain America. Also see storyboards for this in our […]

Marvel wants you to Choose Your Side with a new CIVIL WAR Super Bowl spot


  Marvel Studios is getting in on the “picking your favorite hero hashtag” game, with this new short Super Bowl spot for Captain America: Civil War. It doesn’t debut much new footage, but you do get to see Ant-Man as a part of the gathering of heroes now. Get to hashtagging and you can see […]

Travel to DC’s most famous cities in faux airline commercials for BATMAN v SUPERMAN


Turkish Airlines is the official airline for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. As such, it produced the first fairly nifty set of Superbowl commercials this afternoon. Take a look below at these in-universe travel ads for Gotham City and Metropolis, with cameos by Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor respectively.

Please Stand By…We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

indian head test pattern

The Beat has been intermittent these past few days, and our crack team of technical experts are working feverishly to solve the problems, so that you may enjoy the informative, entertaining content that you expect from Heidi, Steve, and me, Torsten, the wrangler of the infinite monkeys. Do to this service disruption, I will be […]