MATT CHATS: Greg Rucka on Creator-Owned, Collaboration & Extra Content


Greg Rucka has been on a tear lately. Not only has he written two Star Wars novels and a comic book series set post-Empire, he’s also been impressing in the creator-owned sphere. Lady Sabre, Lazarus and Stumptown continue running on all cylinders, and his newest series, Black Magick with Nicola Scott, recently launched to great acclaim. I […]

FULL Partial 2014 Stumptown Award Winners

the autuer #1 oni

Tom Spurgeon has a partial, social-media assembled list of the winners of the 2014 Stumptown Awards which were apparently given out at the Rose City Comic Fest. The Stumptown Awards were formerly given out at the Stumptown Festival, which went south because of disorganization, and if anything speaks of disorganization and not-feelin’-it-any-more it’s not announcing the winners of your award to the world by even the TUESDAY following your ceremony.

Stumptown announces 2013 guests


Not much news this peaceful time, as folks enjoy either going back to work or the US equivalent of Boxing Day, but the Stumptown Festival has announced its guests and it’s a top notch lineup with stars from both indie and mainstream. Stumptown will be held April 27th and 28th, 2013 at the Oregon Convention […]

ON THE SCENE: Lighthouse to lighthouse, “Stumptown” to Stumptown, a Stumptown Comics Fest re-cap

[Special to the Beat: we challenged frequent Beat commenter and artist Matthew Southworth to give us a Stumptown report and this is the delightful result! Thanks so much, Matthew!] — by Matthew Southworth —
It’s 5:40 Saturday morning and I haven’t really slept. I never sleep when I have an early appointment, and now I’m up and showering and readying myself for the trip to Portland’s Stumptown Comics Fest. Goodbye kiss Machelle, double-triple-check that everything’s in the car and cellphone iPod Coke Zero and check the oil and fill the tank get the junk food hit the highway.

Stumptown Party Poop

As we’ve been putting together the listings for this bi-coastal duel indie comics weekend extravaganza, it occurs to us that we are just not very plugged in to the Portland scene…well not the way we are NYC that’s for sure. So we’re doing our best to cover this, but maybe what we need is a PDX correspondent?

Anyhoo, Stumptown actually has a great events page with all the weekend goings on. So we’ll put post the pictures and links here. Send us reports!

Stumptown 2011 announces dates and bigger venue

Portland’s Stumptown Comics Fest, an increasingly popular stop on the indie comics festival circuit, is moving to the Oregon Convention Center, a bigger venue that will allow for growth. it has been announced. Initial guests were also announced: Carla Speed McNeil, Molly Crabapple, Kurt Busiek, Larry Marder, and Barry Deutsch. Details below: The 8th annual […]

Full Bleed Stumptown 2010: We got a theory about magic and miracles

I’ve probably started my last three Stumptown reports with this, but I love Portland and the Stumptown Comics Festival. You could rightly say that it’s because Stumptown was the first show that I actually set up at, back in 2007 (has it only been two and a half years of being on the other side of the table?). You could, but I’m not sure how accurate that is. Comparing the Stumptown show of 2007 (in chilly October) to that of 2010 (in springtime cool April) is a tricky thing. The show has grown and been managed in such a way as to make the two very different.

2007 yielded decent attendance for an independent comics show, though was often long periods of quiet punctuated with silence. Sure, part of that was the fact that I was just selling a mini/ashcan preview then. Nobody else seemed to have any complaints about the size/speed of the show and I didn’t have anything to compare it with, though I remember it not being particularly busy most of the time (a good starter show, as opposed to jumping in with both feet to say Wonder-Con or the like.)