The Skeletons Outside The Closet Can Be The Most Dangerous By David Nieves Steve Niles has made a hell of a living in the horror genre. Having critical and commercial success can be a curse on any creator, but he’s constantly found new ways of invigorating humanizing takes on demons and monsters. His latest creation, […]


SDCC 14: Batman’s 75th, My 20th, and a Lot of First Experiences


By David Nieves We’re all still recovering from copious amounts of walking around taking pictures with people and wishing the people in front of us taking pictures would just move. Yes another San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone. By now all the news is out and we’re still reeling from the Batman V Superman […]


SDCC 14: Steve Niles Talks Bones and Punk Rock


By David Nieves At SDCC I had the privilege to sit and talk with the master purveyor of words Steve Niles himself.  It was a brief chat about what went into one of the best books to come out of Dark Horse’s stable, Breath of Bones: A tale of the Golem. Along the way we […]


Creator cancels on con to take care of adorable kittens


While the party is going on here at HeroesCon, a few faces are missing, among them writer Steve Niles, who had to cancel due to deadlines, and also the fact that he is caring for two young rescue kittens. Niles has been plastering his Facebook page with pictures of the young cats and after one […]


EBay Auction Launched to Aid Steve Niles


After floods damaged his home in Austin over a week ago, writer Steve Niles and his family have had to move out and into a friend’s guestroom. The comics community have immediately gathered around to help out in the immediate aftermath of the flooding, and Matt Miner has today launched an eBay auction to raise […]


Ebay Auctions to help Steve Niles after Flood Destruction


Steve Niles, creator of 30 Days of Night and Criminal Macabre,  is much loved by everyone in – and out – of comics, and the comics industry is rallying around him, with contributed auction items from Chris Burnham, James Tynion IV, Darick Robertson, Phil Noto, Grek Pak, JM De Matteis, and more.


PayPal Account Created to Aid Steve Niles’ Flood Damages


Flash floods swiftly moved through the Austin area today after up to a foot of rain fell in a 12-hour period, closing roads, sparking rescues and canceling the final day of the popular Austin City Limits Music Festivals. Unfortunately, Steve Niles and family were affected by the downpour.


What is “Skype Hype”? Steve Niles, Ron Marz and Jimmy Palmiotti Explain


Earlier this week, almost out of nowhere, comic creators Ron Marz, Steve Niles and Jimmy Palmiotti came up with a concept called Skype Hype. And only a few days after coming up with the idea, they’ve already trialled and tested it, in what could be a bold move forward in how comics are marketed to […]


SDCC’13: Black Mask Studios Take the Indie Comic Back to Its Punk Rock Roots.


By David Nieves In the latest Thursday night panel, the recently formed Black Mask Studios attracted some die-hard support from fans willing to stay into the late hours of the SDCC to hear what their veteran group of artists had to say about where indie should go.


REVIEW: Black Mask Studios Hits the Ground Running with TWELVE REASONS TO DIE


Black Mask Studios is the ambitiously game-changing publishing company founded to bring out OCCUPY COMICS and much more, headed by Matt Pizzolo (GODKILLER, HALO-8), Steve Niles (30 DAYS OF NIGHT and much more), and Brett Gurewitz (Epitaph Records). In interviews when the company formally announced itself, they touted a new structural framework for comic book […]


Creator Owned Heroes #7: A Penultimate Review


Earlier this week, Jimmy Palmiotti announced that the noble experiment CREATOR OWNED HEROES would conclude after its 8th issue. Over the course of the magazine’s publication, outreach on social media emphasized the need to raise awareness and increase solicitation from comic shops to keep the multi-contributor series in motion. Consistently strong reviews appeared on media, […]


Kick-Watcher: Martin Monsterman, Black Idol vol 1 and LUST (NSFW)

BLACK IDOL  Volume 1 by Peter Popken — Kickstarter

By: Henry Barajas Project: Martin Monsterman- Graphic Novel Talent/Project Manager: Manny Trembley Days to Go: 27 Goal: $7,000 The spiel: Manny Trembley is debuting his latest ALL AGES graphic novel with his company Fish Tank books.  Before he started his own company in this free comic book market he co-produced PX! Book one and two […]