Bryan Talbot’s Grandville III: The trailer


It’s always hard to know what graphic novelist Bryan Talbot is going to be up to — will it be a crazy imaginative story of English history and dimensional travel like Luther Arkwright? Or a sensitive, heart-rending story about child abuse like Tale of One Bad Rat? Or something else entirely? One genre Talbot has […]

A month of Previews: Grandville Mon Amour

Back to the previews, we’re proud to present a peek at Bryan Talbot’s Grandville Mon Amour, a steampunk talking animal mystery mash-up, or as Talbot puts it:

Grandville Mon Amour pits Detective Inspector LeBrock of Scotland Yard against an old adversary and ruthless urban guerrilla, Edward “Mad Dog” Mastock. It’s a fast-paced, Hitchcockian steampunk thriller.

If you’ve been following Talbot’s career at all you know he’s one of the most eclectic storytellers in the medium, producing a string of amazing graphic novels that show a range of emotion and imagination few can match — from Grandville to The Tale of One Bad Rat to Alice In Sunderland and the previous Grandville.

This is no exception.