Everything you know about the worst Star Wars movie is WRONG


I guess there’s a Star Wars thing this week? Oh what’s the use. I don’t think I’ve gone 10 minutes without hearing Sar Wars music, seeing Star Wars stars or a Force Awakens trailer for weeks. Like the rest of the world, I had a #StarWarsRewatch over the last week or so starting with the original trilogy and then the prequels, just to get in the mood for the new filme. And I discovered something very alarming.

Preview: Master Obi-Wan and Padawan Anakin have adventures in new Marvel comic


  Marvel continues it’s very successful line of “NAME OF CHARACTER” Star Wars books with Obi-Wan And Anakin by Charles Soule and Marco Checchetto, which comes out in January. Disney may have brutally kiboshed George Lucas’s future ideas for Star Wars, but the prequels have plenty of room for prequels, sequels, standalones and what have […]

Marvel Month-Month Sales October 2015: The Emptiness of Relaunches


by Xavier Lancel Welcome to a new analysis of the Marvel sales. Reminder: I’m French, that’s why I’m talking funny. Please adress your complaints to my all-over-the-news country. Reminder: these sales numbers are estimates of sales to comics shops situated in North America. American comics do get sold somewhere else in their original floppy edition. […]

REVIEW: Vader Down #1 Kicks the Hornet’s Nest


Writer: Jason Aaron Artist: Mike Deodato Colors: Frank Martin Jr. Story: Jason Aaron & Kieron Gillen Letterer: VC’s Joe Caramagna When Darth Vader accidentally finds himself facing off against the Rebel Fleet on his own, the rebels will learn the true strength of the Dark Side of the Force! Once Vader crashes on a nearby […]