STAR WARS Episode VIII adds Del Toro, Dern, and Tran to its growing cast


This morning is just chock-full of entertainment goodies. Now, we’ve got a quick teaser for Star Wars Episode VIII that’s just begun production: Along with the reveal that Benicio Del Toro (Sicario, Traffic), Laura Dern (Wild, Enlightened), and newcomer Kelly Tran will be joining the cast in undisclosed roles. Del Toro has been long rumored […]

Toy Fair 2016: Lego Star Wars, Marvel Civil War and Ghostbusters sets revealed


Ah Toy Fair, a riot of plastic, wood, metal, resin and MAGIC! As usual, The Beat pounded the halls of the JAvits Center and beyodnd to bring you only the FRESHEST toys and playthings. The day started at 7 am with the Lego event. As that time of day there isn’t much to remember but […]

Disney Remasters Star Wars Once More, as a Graphic Novel!

star wars GN cover

Last year, Marvel launched their new Star Wars comics by offering remastered editions of the original comic book adaptations. Well…  next March, Lusasfilm Press will release a brand new graphic novel adaptation of the original trilogy (AKA “A New Hope Strikes the Jedi”)! I can’t discover who made this; it’s listed as “LucasFilm Book Group”. Disney […]

The Year Ahead: What Marvel Needs to Do to Stay All-New and All-Different in 2016


Marvel’s 2015 is best boiled down to one core idea that influenced the entire line: Secret Wars. For the most part, the event was successful, and sold gangbusters in spite of production delays.  Several promising concepts from the event and its tie-ins made it into the mainstream Marvel Universe, giving the re-launch a unique flavor that […]

Opinion: Why The Force Awakens is a retread of The Phantom Menace


by John Patrick Green [Discussing the meanings and symbology of Star Wars The Force Awakens has become a national passtime, and i the interests of leaving nofacet of this cultural landmark unexamined, our resident Stawr Wars expoert John Patrick Green has put forth a radical new theory, which you can read below.]   So the movie […]