Review: STAR WARS ANNUAL #2 and a morally gray universe


  Star Wars Annual #1 Writer – Kelly Thompson Art – Emilio Laiso Colorist – Rachelle Rosenberg Letters-  Joe Caramanga   One of the more interesting aspects of the Star Wars expanded literature is the ability for its stories to look at the Rebellion vs. Empire conflict as more complicated than a simple good versus evil […]

What?!? When!?!: Your Updated Comics Cinema Calendar, Disney Edition


The official Disney Blog, Oh My Disney!, has just posted new release dates for Disney movies! Now, I don’t really post the full list anymore (because Warners is too chicken to place dates on their superhero movies), but here’s the Disney timeline through 2020: 2017 Beauty and the Beast (Live Action) (3D): 3/17 Born in […]

​#SDCC San Diego Comic-Con 2016: Hasbro Brings the Toys and Food (Just Not the Chairs)


By: Nicholas Eskey Hasbro Entertainment, the fine purveyor and partner to franchises like; Transformers, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Nerf, and Magic the Gathering, has continuously been growing and developing their branding. So loved are their toys that there’s always a run on something deemed even remotely collectible. I along with the other press […]