Great photos in comics history: Stan Lee’s standing desk


Stan Lee at home in the early 1950s. “Always wrote standing up—good for the figure—and always faced the sun—good for the suntan!”

Stan Lee is "totally fine" and drinking a milkshake


While Stan Lee’s canceling of some appearances has led to all the anxiety and speculation that one might expect for a man his age, the Facebook page for the Comikaze Expo, which he owns, has some information from closer at hand:

Chatting with Stan – RIGHT NOW

Stan Lee is chatting right now with Geoff Boucher at EPIX about his new movie With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story.

TIMELINE: The many pacts of Stan Lee

What is a day in the life of Stan Lee like? Judging by the PR wire, as soon as he gets out of bed he asks himself “Whom shall I pact with today, True Believer?” and his people call some other people, and POW! a pact is born!

How many times has Stan Lee pacted with another entertainment company? The answer may SHOCK you.