Must read: Stan Lee, Hero, villain or a bit of both?


Abraham Riesman. New York magazines resident comics expert, has a long and long brewing profile of Stan Lee called Why Is Stan Lee’s Legacy in Question?. It’s a write-around, meaning he never got to talk to Lee personally, but he talked to everyone else, inluding Roy Thomas and Lee biographer Tom Spurgeon. And if you […]

Sneak Peek! Marvel Announces Super Deluxe Stan Lee Slipcase !


We’ll have the new Marvel titles for Summer 2016 in a few hours, but I noticed this, and had to share immediately! Next June, Marvel will be releasing an 816-page slipcase hardcover featuring some of the greatest iconic stories written by Stan Lee! (And some surprises as well, like the Spidey Sunday Spectacular!) Marvel published […]

SDCC’15: Lego Marvel’s Avengers Panel Announces Iron Stan and More


Lego Marvel’s Avengers held a rockin good time with its host Kinda Funny’s Greg Miler. The group consisted of Arthur Parsons Director at Tt Games, Matt Ellison Producer, Bill Rosemann creative director Marvel Games, and Mike Jones executive producer Marvel Games. Combined Arthur and Matt have worked on almost all the Lego games. Bill Rosemann who worked […]

SDCC ’15: Watchtower Monday: Your Comic-Con Newsfeed


Comic-Con comes early this year, and our crack team of correspondents are mustering to bring you around-the-block coverage of the Nerd State Fair. While I usually stay ensconced at Stately Beat Manor with a few other staff members and our tribe of  white-headed capuchins. However, I will be flying west on Friday to another, smaller […]

Stan Lee joins with nerdlebrity all-stars for comedy film


Audi produced this short comedy advertisement with Stan Lee teaching how to do what he does best: appear in cameos in Marvel films. The short, directed by Kevin Smith with appearances by Smith, Jason Mewes, Michael Rooker, Tara Reid and, poignantly, Lou Ferrigno, sort of sums up where we’re at as a culture right now.

“I’ve studied a lot of acting methods,” Rooker says in the short. “I’ve studied the Stanislavski method, the method method, but I’ve never studied anything like the Stan Lee method.