SPX 2010 memory roundup

This year’s Small Press Expo was so wonderful that we can’t stop reading about it! It’s the first time in a while that it wasn’t too cold or too hot but just right at an indie comics show we’ve attended and that made it special. PLUS, SVA and MICA and CCS and MCAD and SCAD have been turning out lots and lots of excellent new cartoonists and the established people are putting out great stuff and there is real excitement everywhere.

There are tons of ’em, including this video made by Steven Greenstreet…we selected a few because they were interesting or especially charming.

SPX 10: You were awesome

Just a very quick moment to jot down a few thoughts on SPX. (My “official” report will be in PWCW tomorrow.) In short, it remains the summer camp of comics, with a bunch of people who are there for love just hanging out, talking, drawing, drinking, smiling and laughing.

SPX stuff: What they are doing and selling

What’s new at SPX this year? Click the images for more info!

SPX 10: Fantagraphics

Fantagraphics will present the following new books:

SPX: Liza Hanawalt's badge art

Via Flickr. We really want that VIP one this year!

SPX announced first Animation Showcase selections

SPX is bearing down on us sooner than we could have expected — September 11-12 — and guests are being announced — Kate Beaton, Dean Haspiel, James Sturm, Raina Telgemeier and Jim Rugg have thus far been announced. And now the selections for the first annual Animation Showcase are here and it sounds like a […]