Breaking: All the Marvel Now (2016) leaks and no more X-men?


UPDATE: In the original version of this post, I made a joke about Dennis Barger being a suspect for the leak. IN this case he most certainly was not, as he did not get his books until Tuesday and we must look to a different bearded leaker. I apologize to Dennis for making an obvious […]

Amazing Spider-Man #15 Gets Michael Turner Variant Cover


With the tremendous response to their recent Batman #1 variant, Aspen Comics is partnering with Marvel for an Amazing Spider-Man #15 variant cover. Much like their Batman cover, this Spidey cover will utilize art by renowned artist and Aspen Comics founder Michael Turner. Here’s the official word from Aspen Comics: Marvel Comics and Aspen Comics have […]

C2E2: Marvel Kicks the Hornet’s Nest for Dead No More + Civil War II Updates


Marvel has had a busy last couple of days leading up to C2E2, the Civil War II event and WonderCon next weekend. The publisher launched a cover for an upcoming Free Comic Book Day title; Spider-Man: Dead No More. The ominous Dead No More teaser leading up to the comic led many fans to speculate if Peter Parker’s own […]

C2E2: Robbie Thompson on Supernatural, Spidey and Fandom


Robbie Thompson first came to prominence in the nerd sphere as a writer on the long-running Supernatural TV series, but recently he jumped into the comics fold. He’s doing no less than three titles in the Spider-Man corner: Silk, Venom: Space Knight and my favorite, the all-ages Spidey. I spoke to Robbie about the transition […]

Those Marvel Teasers hinted at Free Comic Book Day Offerings


Marvel comics released a bevvy of teasers in January for the All-New Wasp, something pertaining to Spider-Man and more. It seems the teasers have been payed off through Marvel’s Free Comic Book Day offerings including an additional look at the All-New Wasp and a slight tease at the upcoming Spider-Man story. The books include a prologue […]