Valiant dominates 2016 Harvey nominations with 50 nods


  The 2016 Harvey nominations have just been announced, and as in past years, Valiant was the overwhelming favorite of the voting block with some 50 nominations out of some 142 total, including all but one nominees in five categories. Despite appearances, nominees are not voted on by Valiant fans, but rather industry professionals via an […]

The Marvel Rundown: So Why Did C-3PO Have a Red Arm, Anyways?!

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This week, Marvel is following up their stellar Black Panther #1 launch with some special one-shots and series kick-offs! First up author James Robinson (Fantastic Four) and illustrator Tony Harris (Ex Machina), who last collaborated on the lauded series Starman, return to comics for a special C-3PO story that explains the strange red arm viewers saw him with during Star Wars: the Force […]

The Marvel Rundown: Captain Marvel and Silver Surfer Protect the 616 Universe


Last week, it happened.  Marvel finally ended the event that kicked off their line-wide All-New All-Different relaunch when they released Secret Wars #9. We had an in-depth review on the comic, but will be continuing our Marvel review series under a familiar moniker; The Marvel Rundown. We took out those annoying adjectives, but will continue to […]

NYCC ’13: Dan Slott and Mike Allred Launch New Silver Surfer Series


As predicted/hoped from the ‘Rad’ teaser which showed up a short while ago, Marvel have confirmed that Dan Slott and Mike Allred will be working together on a new Silver Surfer series in March 2014. With these two onboard as the creative team, this could well be the most cosmic and trippy book ever made.