Marvel Month-to-Month sales: March 2010

It’s still the event season at Marvel, with SIEGE and FALL OF THE HULKS in full sway, “X-Necrosha” wrapping up, and the “Second Coming” crossover just beginning. March also saw the latest stage in the relaunch of the Ultimate imprint, namely the return of ULTIMATES, and the start of Mark Millar and Steve McNiven’s NEMESIS. Oh, and if you feel there’s still a dearth of Deadpool comics out there, look out for all five issues of the PRELUDE TO DEADPOOL CORPS miniseries, setting up a new Deadpool title to start in April.

Needless to say, Marvel had the largest share of the North American direct market yet again. This time they beat DC by 47% to 30% in unit share, and 42% to 27% in dollars.