Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 11/14/16: “All are equal at a comic con”


§ Nice Art: It seems the comics world has come to a standstill for some reason. So here’s a preview of a 2017 graphic novel: Gauguin: The Other World by Fabrizio Dori, part of SelfMadeHero’s Art Masters series – they’ve also published books on Munch, Van Gogh and Picasso. The book comes out in March: […]

Review: Two successful bios of very different men


It’s always a pleasure when a new graphic novel biography comes out about someone I know absolutely nothing about, and I certainly had no clue about the existence of Roger Casement. Fionnuala Doran‘s The Trial of Roger Casement covers exactly that, the circumstances by which he was tried for treason in the United Kingdom and […]

Comic Arts Brooklyn Debuts Part 1: punks, witches, cats, 3D Jim Woodring, more


This weekend it’s Comic Arts Brooklyn in Williamsburg and here’s a look at the books that will be debuting. Thanks to all the contributing publishers and cartoonists for supplying the info and lightening our wallets.

Because there were so many new and exciting books I’m splitting this into two parts. Look for part two tomorrow!

24 Hours of Halloween: The Man Who Laughs by Victor Hugo, David Hine and Mark Stafford


The inspiration for the Joker is said to be this story by Victor Hugo about a mutilated man who aims to become the voice of a generation. It’s not really a “horror” story per se but often real life and social commentary can be just as scary as Michael Myers. Available on Sequential.

SelfMadeHero discovers a new level of rip-off for The King in Yellow


The King in Yellow is a) Robert W. Chambers famed horror story about a play that dooms all who read it to madness b) a new graphic novel adaptation of the same by INJ Culbard published by SelfMadeHero. (See a preview here.)

It’s also c) a sneaky ripoff by someone on CreateSpace who used the cover to the Culbard book for their own self-published reprint of the prose book. The SelfMadeHero blog has all the details and how to spot the sneaky fake.

To do tonight: Barbara Stok at The Metropolitan Museum of Art


There are a lot of comics events going on around town tonight but here’s a pretty cool one, especially if you’d also like to check out the Metropolitan Museum of Art: Dutch cartoonist Barbara Stok will speak on her work and her recent portrait of of Vincent van Gogh’s brief and intense period of creativity […]

Interview: We talk Europen graphic novels with Titan’s new editor Lizzie Kaye


Last week Titan Comics announced it had hired Lizzie Kaye, formerly of SelfMadeHero, to the position of editor for their European graphic novel line. We talked with Kaye within a week of her jumping on-board the Titan Comics team about her new gig and Titan’s expansion into the bande dessinée market.

ELCAF Previews Night: Ricky Rouse Has A Gun

micky mouse cover.2bb

Launching early for ELCAF (the full release isn’t slated until September), Jörg Tittel and John Aggs’ book ‘Ricky Rouse Has A Gun’ will be on offer at the SelfMadeHero booth. Possibly the most likely comic ever to get sued by Disney, the book takes aim at a certain familiar rodent, and the rest of his crew.

Sequential and SelfMadeHero team for enhanced digital graphic novels


The British graphic novel scene has been swiftly developing, with publishers like SelfMadeHero, Blank Slate and NoBrow leading the way. IPad app Sequential has been setting up a virtual store for electronic GNs using their own software, and they’ve just added a bunch of SelfMadeHero titles, including Kiki de Montparnasse, by José-Louis Bocquet and Catel, the […]

The Shortlist for The British Comic Awards 2013 Has Been Announced

BCA Logo

The shortlist for the 2013 British Comic Awards ceremony has been announced, a list compiled by a number of critics, retailers and readers – among them ‘our own’ Zainab Akhtar. Focusing on British comics, obviously, the shortlist collects together a number of self-published and small-press comics. The winners will be announced at Thought Bubble in […]