Vukojevich repanels Bell Comicumentary

Repaneled is a newish blog that recreates classic comics panels in new art styles. Up today:
Anthony Vukojevich’s reimagination of a key panel from Gabrielle Bell’s San Diego Comic-Con Comicumentary.

NYCC 10: BOOM! Studios — #2135

BOOM! STUDIOS GUESTS INCLUDE:  Eisner & Harvey Award-nominated IRREDEEMABLE & INCORRUPTIBLE’s Mark Waid DARKWING DUCK’s Ian Brill & James Silvani 28 DAYS LATER’s Michael Alan Nelson FARSCAPE & CARS: THE ADVENTURES OF TOW MATER’s Keith R.A. DeCandido

San Diego triumphs in the battle of the convention bureaus

As announced last evening, CCI: San Diego’s board, despite intense wooing from other cities, has decided to keep Comic-Con in San Diego. The announcement has been met with generally universal relief thus far. Yes, we moan, we complain, but exchanging the city of San Diego’s mild temperatures and convenient layout for the bland boulevards of Anaheim or gang-infested alleys of Los Angeles wouldn’t have really been much of an improvement. It isn’t much of a surprise, really — things had been going this way for a while and it was very clear that the board wanted to stay in San Diego.

Charts of Note #2: Does Comic-Con KILL movie buzz?

Has all the Comic-Con hype actually TURNED OFF some moviegoers? That’s what what a chart over at THR seems to show, Jay Fernandez reports:

Live Blogging the 2010 Eisner Awards

We’re back! And we have had no dinner and nothing to eat, so this may be very, very rocky. The evening gala starts with the introduction of host Bill Morrison, who lets on that “Somewhere there is a very small area that sells comics; look for it, search it out, and find some of the […]

SD10: Digital comics now!

by special Beat correspondent Bruce Lidl Late Thursday afternoon, as Comic-Con began to really hit its stride, as the shift from panel and show floor to party mode started to occur, the second annual “Digital Comics Now!” panel, hosted by Chip Mosher of BOOM! Studios got underway.  In some ways the panel is a barometer […]

Del Rey update

In the recent manga cutbacks, one company has remained conspicuous by their silence — Del Rey’s manga line, mostly licensed from Kodansha, has been quietly downsizing for months, with fewer and fewer titles coming out, and an increased emphasis on their home-made manga-like books, such as their Avatar graphic novels. In addition, it is confirmed […]