SDCC ’15: Nerd HQ teams with IGN and the SD Childern’s Museum


Doubtless spurred by my relentless questioning of their existence, yesterday it was announced that Nerd HQ would be returning to Comic-Con this time merging with IGN and with a new venue, the New Children’s Museum at 200 W Island Ave—just across the tracks from the Hyatt and a very convenient spot for shilling. So this […]

All 70 2015 San Diego Comic-Con guests are revealed


Comic-Con International: San Diego has announced their fourteenth and final wave of Comic-con guests:

SDCC and San Diego Public Library announce the Art of Comic-Con exhibit


While the San Diego Convention Center expansion looks to be dead in the water, Comic-Con International isn’t stopping on its moves to expand the footprint of the convention by expanding to other venues. Last year a couple of SDCC events were held at the San Diego Public Library, and this year the library will host […]

All the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con guests so far — with five new names


Okay, the ninth wave of five guests was just announced for this year’s Coic-Con, which will be held in San Diego, as previously revealed. And they are: Sergio Aragonés, cartoonist, MAD, Groo Mark Evanier, writer, producer, comics historian, The Garfield Show, The Art of the Simon and Kirby Studio Dave Roman, writer/artist, Astronaut Academy, Teen […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 4/7/15: Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti welcomes WonderCon with open arms


§ It seems that as soon as the move of WonderCon from Anaheim to Los Angeles was made public, the LA convention center peeps issued a press release. I didn’t get it, but Tom has the whole thing, and what’s notable to me is that LA mayor Eric Garcetti is at the head of the […]

#hotelpocalypse is over…how will your life continue?

Some people are very upset about how this year’s San Diego Comic-Con hotel sale went. But should they be?

#hoteloween: just how fast must you be to get a good room at Comic-Con?


Getting a hotel room for Comic-con is a physical and mental race against the clock. You need to have Nolan Ryan’s fastball, Ronda Rousey’s reflexes and Edward Snowden’s keyboard skills. It’s the ultimate test of nerves for nerds.

But some may wonder, just how short IS the window to get a room downtown?

San Diego Comic-Con Hoteloween was scarier than usual this year


As I write this, the hotel situation for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con remains in flux. Open hotel registration—which is in effect a lottery based on hand and browser speed—took place yesterday morning, and it was a tense, tense 10 minutes with confirmation emails yet to go out.

Hours of training, both physical and mental, memorizing maps and testing internet speed were all for nought for a bunch of folks—the Beat included—because the website suffered some kind of hitch. Tony Kim has a sad account, backed up by many on Twitter. As the world collectively hit the refresh button at high noon EDT, 9 am PDT, the hotel selection form froze up and then sent you to the “Congrats, wait for your email” screen. That’s what happened here. I got the first screen, clicked on some hotels hit return, got kicked out and then sat there in confusion and dread and then went back in. The second time it worked but by then four minutes had passed, four precious, precious minutes, and downtown hotels are usually gone long before that to people with better autofill speeds.

Hoteloween is tomorrow!


Arrrgh, the most tension filled day of the year for Stately Beat Manor is tomorrow. San Diego Comic-Con hotel registration opens up at noon EDT, 9 am PDT. Gentlemen, start your browsers….and do not refresh. There are more rooms that ever this year, and the cancellations are refundable until April 15th so even if you […]

San Diego Comic-Con parking goes to lottery syetem


Remember back in the day two years ago when you could go on the Ace Parking site and buy advance parking for the San Diego Comic-Con?

Well, this is no more. A new random lottery based system has been put in place, to go with all the other random lottery systems for Comic-Con:

Irish teen starts social media campaign to get Comic-Con badge


I’m surprised we don’t see more of these stories in the media, but perhaps this is just the start. It seems a 13-year-old lad in Buncrana, Ireland has been dreaming of going to Comic-Con for years and badge-o-ween brought only bitter defeat: Lochlainn and his family waited as the page refreshed 30 times before the […]

San Diego Comic-Con Early Bird Hotels now available; pro registration is Friday


For those of you who are sensible and like to avoid stress, the “Early Bird” hotel rooms are now available for Comic-Con 2015. These are mostly in Mission Valley, but on a 24-hour shuttle route, and the beauty of it is, YOU CAN JUST GO GET A HOTEL ROOM RIGHT NOW. Yes, you heard me, […]

San Diego Comic-Con Badges came…and went in an hour


It was badge-o-ween this weekend—open registration for this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Rather than follow the travail and triumph on twitter, I went and sat in a sauna, but it was the usual. Everything sold out in about an hour — 30 minutes less than last year. There was a new snafu where people had to log in to the member ID to get their registration number…which then crashed the member ID site because people didn’t have it all written out on a piece of paper like they probably should have. Planning, folks.

“Where is my Registration Code? Did you email it to me?”: Nerves abound on badge-o-ween eve

Al Feldstein and JErry Robinson at SDCC 2008

Tomorrow at 9 am pst, noon est the big one gets underway, the Super Bowl, the Kentucky Darby, the Masters — registering for a 2015 San Diego Comic-Con badge. The day before the big event, the con has posted a The Ultimate Comic-Con 2015 Open Online Registration FAQ and let’s be honest, it is made to weed out people who can’t follow instructions:

San Diego announces first round of guests: DeConnick, Ezquerra, Grossman, Hudlin and Stout


Comic-Con International (aka SDCC) will be held July 9-12 this year. That’s only 150 days. Not much time! But the first guests have been announced and they are Writer Kelly Sue DeConnick: Captain Marvel, Pretty Deadly, Bitch Planet. Artist Carlos Ezquerra: Co-creator, Judge Dredd, Stontium Dog. Author Lev Grossman: The Magicians. Writer/director/producer Reginald Hudlin: Django […]

Hotelier: Why can’t San Diego Comic-Con move to November?


Oh no not again. With the San Diego Convention Center’s expansion plans spiked, and Comic-Con’s contract up in 2016, people are once again asking will Comic-Con stay in San Diego? but the question does seem to have a more perfunctory tone than last time. As Lori Weisberg reports, Mayor Kevin Faulconer is all about keeping Con in San Diego and trying to get local hotels to keep their prices at the 2016 level for 2017 and 2018—and many are going along, but only because pretty much everyone realizes that keeping Comic-Con in San Diego is in everyone’s best interest. Anaheim is trying to jump into the mix again, but after a few WonderCons in Anaheim, I think everyone realizes that Anaheim is not San Diego, and the show would become a very different event if it moved. And besides, WonderCon is developing into a more significant event on its own.