SDCC 12: The cartoonists — and everyone else — go home

It’s windup day here. All the glittering art displays and carnivals are being taken down; everyone has gone home but the poor cast of Fringe, who were left behind to cover the retreat. And the comicos are also joining the caravan to the north and east.

We’ll have a lot more to say in the days to come but today is a crucial day for the future of comics at Comic-Con. Most everyone we talked to among the comics publishers and artists told us this has been a slow show for sales. People who were sold out by Saturday at HeroesCon are sitting on stacks of books. We don’t doubt that some people are doing well, but whereas in past years SDCC was definitely the biggest sales show of the year—justifying the enormous costs of attending — if booth sales slow, the exodus of comics talent may continue.

SDCC 2012 Image Announce Even More Comics Than You Could Ever Believe

Image have announced at least seven more titles today, from creators like Emma Rios, Chris Roberson, Joe Casey, Darick Roberson, Greg Rucka, KellySue DeConnick, James Robinson and Matt Fraction.

Quentin Tarantino Announces Django Unchained miniseries for Vertigo

Quentin Tarantino jumped onto the Before Watchmen panel today, ran around on the table, and announced a new 5-issue miniseries based on his new film, to be published by Vertigo.

SDCC 12: New, shorter Eisner Awards are a delight

Whether it was the dropped categories or just fairy magic, the Eisner Awards came in at a trim 2 1/4 hours last night, an awards show running time that would fit comfortably on Nickelodeon or Spike.

SDCC 2012: Eisner Award Winners 2012

SDCC 12: Dave McKean: My two years with Dawkins, Christ, and a small Crab Called Eric

Dave McKean, the British artist/polymath who has worked as a cartoonist, comics cover artist, illustrator, graphic designer and filmmaker, opened his panel by saying, “I’m not going to assume that people know who I am, which was greeted by a cheer from the crowd, trying to let Dave know how many people in the packed room DID know who Dave is (at least 25%, if you’re keeping track).

SDCC 12: Jonah Hex and more go "dark"

“Now I know who the comic lovers are here at Comic Con,”  said Jimmy Palmiotti to appreciative applause  in first DC Panel of SDCC 2012 on Thursday.   He went on to announce Jonah Hex among the titles to appear under “the Dark and the Edge” banner.

SDCC 12: Cryptozoic demos DC game

We got a chance to look at Cryptozoic’s latest project, the DC Comics Deck Building Game on Thursday morning. Cryptozoic has been a strong presence building geek culture games, adopting Penny Arcade, The Walking Dead, and The Big Bang Theory. Now their aim is to adopt DC’s comic universe into the next big game.

SDCC 2012: IDW Announce "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" Comic by Katie Cook

Get ready to bray in delight! IDW have announced a new My Little Pony series from Katie Cook and Andy Price!

SDCC 2012: Cuddly Toys! Big Bang Theory Edition

Cuddly toys at SDCC! Expect a lot of this over the next few days, you guys

Women make up 40% of Comic-Con attendees

That’s according to a Variety story which suggests that Fangirls are the new golden girls for marketers at Con:

SDCC 12: All the signings and events

All the booth signings and panels and company announcements in ONE DARNED POST.

HMDD/SDCC2012: J. Michael Straczynski Creates Studio JMS

J. Michael Straczynski has announced the formation of a new studio which will create comics, films, TV, video games, more; also announces revival of his ‘Joe’s Comics’ imprint for Image; next will create world peace before flying off into space, searching for more worlds to conquer.

SDCC 12: CBLDF has launch party, new member kit

As always, our pals at the CBLDF will be offering fantastic member benefits, throwing a great party and fighting to keep our speech free. Saturday’s art auction includes some of their best items yet, with art by Paul Pope, Walt Simonson, Billy Tucci, and more.

SDCC 12: Love and Rockets' 30th Anniversary

Truly a milestone. And it comes with a new book, t-shirts and more. God Science is probably the best superhero book debuting at the show.

SDCC 12: Dean Haspiel

This is what makes it all possible.