Moyoco Anno to attend NYCC

Holy crap! One of the greatest living manga-ka is coming to NYCC, Moyoco Anno, whose explorations of gender and romance have scandalized her native Japan. Color us excited! Getting out all our HAPPY MANIAs and SUGAR SUGAR RUNEs for autographs!

SDCC 12: Comic-Con is spreading like the zombie apocalypse

It’s a sign of the length of the Comic-Con Recovery Process that even though I thought I could wrap this all up on Tuesday, it’s taken me another four days and many many packets of Vietnamese Instant Coffee (Cà Phê Hòa Tan) to have the energy to write my thoughts. If you don’t want to read them you can listen to much the same thing in the PW Comics World More to Come podcast. While I’m pretty sure everyone has purged the week of July 11-15th from their mind entirely —and I just about have forgotten it all myself—for the sake of completeness, here’s what I thought and observed and smelled and saw and heard:

Quotes of the Day: Kiel Phegley Edition

This is the part where we fellow journos log roll, right? CBR News Editor Kiel Phegley has the most delightful Comic-Con recap, from yachts to Joe Keatinge to Elijah Wood to Whit Spurgeon. And so many potential quotes of the day. Is it THIS:

SDCC 12: A Dad's View — 10 Things I Learned At San Diego Comic-Con 2012

by AK Benjamin

[AK Benjamin is the husband of previous Beat contributor Meridith Jensen-Benjamin. Here’s his view of the con, with some great advice.]

All is calm on New Year's Day

Seriously. I feel like it is New Year’s Day again now that you-know-what is over. I can clean the closets, file things away, start NEW projects and just get on with life. BONUS: Comic-Con was so early this year that I actually have five weeks of summer left!

SDCC 12: Listen to the top panels

Courtesy of Jamie Coville, here are 16 of the top panels from Comic-Con 2012. It’s almost as good as being there and if you don’t like crowds, it’s better. Many thanks to Jamie for providing this service. Jamie’s photos can be seen here.

SDCC 12: The Virgin Diaries: Part 3 — From Hall H to recovery

Note: My notes for the next two days were increasingly less and less. Saturday and Sunday really were one HUGE day broken up by about 5 hours of sleep, but lets dive in!

SDCC 12: The Darwyn Cooke Panel — The Handle is coming

On Sunday at Comic Con panel dedicated to Darwyn Cooke’s Parker series of graphic novels, Darwyn Cooke and editor Scott Dunbier announced that a fourthParker adaptation would be published in late 2013 and that it would be based on Donald Westlake’s Parker novel, The Handle.

SDCC 12: Disabled at the Con

Anyone who has been to the San Diego Comic Con can tell you that a large number of the attendees require a little extra help moving around, as there is a small but significant portion of disabled con-goers.  And as demonstrated by the recent Comic Con Talk-Back panel, working to ensure that disabled patrons can enjoy their Con experience as the able-bodied can be a big challenge for organizers, even with the best intentions.

SDCC 12: Mike Costa and Jon Armstrong have some Smoke and Mirrors

By Henry Barajas

IDW was kind enough to invite me to a see a magic show at their booth at the San Diego Comic Convention as if there wasn’t enough magic in comic con. I have to admit I was a bit leary about attending a magic show. I’m very ignorant of the whole thing. I was afraid they were going to saw me in half and separate me from my nicely shaved legs. I got to the booth and I was greeted by the creators of Smoke and Mirrors, Mike Costa and Jon Armstrong. Jon is an award winning magician that has been performing internationally for over twenty years. Before we started the interview Jon was kind enough to do some card tricks.

SDCC: Digital Comics Price Fight

by Alexander Añé — One of the hot topics in the comics industry is the movement into the digital medium, and of course the biggest question in that migration is, “what’s it going to cost?” Sunday afternoon at San Diego Comic-Con, the leading voices in this debate came together to discuss this topic: Mark Waid representing Thrillbent, Scott Kurtz the creator of PvP, IDW Publishing’s ePublishing director Jeff Webber, Chris Ross attending as Top Shelf’s director of digital publications, and moderating the panel is comiXology’s Chip Mosher.

SDCC 12: The Virgin Diaries Part 2: Matthew Petz — from the Comedian to Penguins to Sleestaks

By Matthew Petz — I knew the trip was going to be all that and a bag of chips when my flight had the Comedian (Jeffery Dean Morgan) and real live penguins! Seriously, the penguins had been on the Today show and were going back to the San Diego Zoo. Mid flight the handlers brought them through the cabin to a 100 camera phones clicking away. Mine included.

SDCC 12: ConSARS ravages nerdlebrity ranks

Apparently con crud cut a wide swath through the nerdlebrity contingent at this year’s show.

SDCC 2012: Monkeybrain announces seven new titles

San Diego Comic-Con continues! Here’s a look at the announcements made last weekend by Allison Baker and Chris Roberson’s digital publisher, Monkeybrain Comics.

SDCC12: IDW Announces More Artist's Editions!

IDW announces three new titles in their award-winning Artist’s Edition series of archival reprints!

SDCC 12: The Masquerade winners

Although eclipsed by the showbiz extravaganza’s in the popular mind, the Masquerade may just be the most spectacular live event at Comic-COn with amazing costumes that people slave over all year. The winners of Saturday’s main event are now up, and here’s the grand prize winners, Project Runway All Star Wars