ALAAC15: Udon To Raffle Off Every Book In Their Booth on Monday!


I received this email from John Shableski, the recently hired Vice President of Sales at UDON Entertainment.  In a bit of brilliance, instead of shipping their display titles back to Toronto, or dealing with the ravenous hordes hoping for free books, they’ll be GIVING AWAY every title at their booth to one lucky library!

ALAAC15: All the Comics Programming!

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WOW! San Francisco is one of the epicenters of comics culture in the U. S., and the American Library Association is tapping into that local energy with an amazing variety of panels, workshops, and celebrations! What are the highlights? Well, first, there’s a “pre-conference” gathering on Friday afternoon, which I’ve already covered in a previous […]

ALAAC15: Artists Alley!

SWEET KIRBY CRACKLE! Look at this lineup! Eisner Award winners! Book award winners! Famous illustrators! Cool cartoonists! Bestselling authors! Fan favorites! All at the American Library Association’s annual conference in San Francisco this weekend! Yeah, I expect great authors to show up at every American Library Association conference (some to accept awards), but this… WOW! And […]

ALAAC15: Librarians Assemble For Comics Diversity!

Once again, librarians are meeting for their annual conference, this time in San Francisco! So what happens when a bunch of librarians come to the city which birthed underground comics? During the Pride Parade? Well, a lot of cool librarians, cartoonists, and allies get together to talk about diversity in comics! If you’ll be attending […]

Interview: Retailer Brian HIbbs on the Minimum Wage and Surviving in San Francisco


The other day we presented a story on long running SF comics shop Comix Experience and their plans to increase revenue in the face of the local rise in the minimum wage: a graphic novel book club that’s already had a positive response. It’s a serious issue for small business owners, and led to a lively comments section. I reached out to Hibbs to see if he had any comments on the comments and ever loquatious, he suggested an interview. The results can be read below.

Comis Experience has two locations, the iconic Divisidero St. shop just off Haight St. site of many famed signings by creators from Neil Gaiman to Warren Ellis and an early adapter of the grahpic novel movement; and a newer more superhero focused store on Ocean Ave. that Hibbs took over from a previous business last year. Hibbs has long been one of the most vocal comics retailers. His Tilting at Windmills column at CBR is must reading and the comics review blog he started Savage Critics is, unbelievably, still running after 10 years or so. I’m grateful for him to take the time to talk about issues that are sure to become more and more pressing around the country.

Gary Edson Arlington (1938-2014), Creator of the Comic Book Store


by Bob Calhoun [Underground and retailing pioneer Gary Arlington died last week, and local writer Bob Calhoun penned this obituary for him. Above photo via Last Gasp.] Gary Arlington’s comic book store on 23rd Street in San Francisco’s Mission District seemed more like a feat of engineering than the truly historic place that it was. […]