Dark Knight and Sandman lead November sales, but Marvel still #1


  The DC empire struck back in November, with Dark Knight III issue #1 and the collected Sandman Overture leading periodicals and graphic novels sales respectively, according to November sales charts just released by Diamond. But it wasn’t enough to dislodge Marvel from the top spot in both dollars and units, despite the $5.99 price […]

Marvel Month-Month Sales October 2015: The Emptiness of Relaunches


by Xavier Lancel Welcome to a new analysis of the Marvel sales. Reminder: I’m French, that’s why I’m talking funny. Please adress your complaints to my all-over-the-news country. Reminder: these sales numbers are estimates of sales to comics shops situated in North America. American comics do get sold somewhere else in their original floppy edition. […]

DC Comics Month-to Month Sales: October 2015 – Crawling Up Into the Continuity Hole


When the early Diamond info came out this month the Friday before the Top 300 charts were released (as they generally do every month), there was much consternation, as Marvel dominated both the top ten and also nearly doubled DC in market share. The instant conclusion that was jumped to in many quarters was that Marvel crushed DC in October. DC must have had a horrible month, right?

Eh, not so much.

Total sales for DC were actually up over September by more than 100K. Average sales per title were down slightly, just 0.5%. Average sales for Vertigo were down because last month was a Sandman month, but the median sales per title for Vertigo were up by about 2.5K, due to the Vertigo relaunch.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid #10 sells 1 million copies in a week


Wether you call it a comic or not, Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a global phenomenon. The latest in the series by Jeff Kinney, #10 “Old School,” dropped on November 3 and sold over 1 million copies in its first week, according to publishers Abrams. The book was released simultaneously worldwide in 90 countries, […]

Image Comics Month-to Month Sales: September 2015 – Walking With a Ghost


by Dave Carter Greetings, sales charts fans! It’s time once again to look at Image Comics’s sales figures. Just a reminder that I’m not doing this as a permanent gig; just filling in until Heidi finds someone to take on the Image month-to-month chart. Please refer to July’s column for a preamble and explanation as […]

October sales: Marvel crushes it


Late ship, late schmip: despite well documented problems getting their product out on time, Marvel still crushed it in October, according to sales figures just released by Diamond. Marvel opened up a commanding 22% lead in dollar share and a 26% lead in units…in fact Marvel 48% of units is the largest margin I remember seeing since I started doing these charts—and they only shipped 68 titles compared to 80 in September. And in another rare occurence, the entire top 10 periodical comics were Marvel. Ouchie. It’s another kick in the grass for DC’s nascent DC You line and means DKIII can’t come soon enough. DC’s unit share of 21.85% (down from 26% in September) and units of 22.92% (down from (26.32%) are also lows. Image was #3 with single digits once again.

The direct market, sustainability, future of comics, disruption and all that other fun stuff


We’re entering a period of disruption, if we’re not already well into it. Is it something in the air, an upcoming election, the increasing consolidation of big media/big tech, millennials taking over? Probably all of that. And how does that affect comics? Of late the “slow patch” hit by direct market periodicals due to faltering by the Big Two seems to have cast all of this into discussion. Kate Leth, a creator and also a former comics shop employee, has a much linked to post about the direct market process which talks about how pre-ordering is key in what she calls a “system [that] is so deeply twisted”: