Final Friday: Russian meteor proves Asterios Polyp was right!

If you haven’t read David Mazzucchelli’s amazing graphic novel ASTERIOS POLYP, please avert your eyes NOW. The award-winning GN and book of the year in 2009 was a sly comment on art through the life of a man named Asterios Polyp, who finds potential happiness in life just in time to [SPOILER ALERT] have it potentially snuffed out by having a meteor fall on his house.


While a “deus ex machina” ending which your fiction writing teacher warned you about, it worked within the structure of Mazzuchelli’s dualistic narrative and provided some amazing visuals…just as amazing as the real life anti-corruption cam videos taken by many Russians as this morning’s meteor screamed into the atmosphere and broke up at about 19-31 miles high, spraying a huge area with debris and injuring as many as 1200 people.


BTW after watching the above Russian dashcam video, I would totally watch a channel of NOTHING BUT Russian dashcam videos and cars speeding up and listening to loud Europop under a drab Siberian dawn. Mesmerizing. And apparently such things exist…