Eve and the Garden of Eden: Rob Liefeld goes Biblical?


Rob Liefeld is a fascinating and polarizing creator whose next comics work is sure to turn more than a couple heads. The author already announced his first Old Testament adaptation with Judges: The Covenant launching sometime in Fall 2015, now we can also look forward to another Liefeld Bible adaptation with Eve and the Garden […]

UPDATE – Amazing Arizona Con 2015: Deadpool ruled & art crooks were called out


The Valentines State’s first comic con of the year wrapped up over the romantic weekend. Jimmy Jay, Amazing Arizona Comic Con organizer, didn’t let a hallmark holiday get in the way of putting on his three-day annual comic book convention on Friday, Feb. 13 through Sunday, Feb. 15. The event kicked off with an intimate panel with Spawn Creator Todd McFarlane and the New York Times best selling Batman artist, Greg Capullo. They signed someone’s baby.

James Sturm hits a nerve among cartoonists with ‘The Sponsor’


On Monday, James Sturm, cartoonist and director of the Center for Cartoon Studies, posted a cartoon at The Nib called “The Sponsor”. I’m sure if you are a cartoonist you’ve already read it, since it was the talk of the town for a few days. Basically it concerns cartoonists, jealousy, the low bar for success, anxiety over one’s abilities, tumblr hits, Kickstarter and more. All in 24 panels. I’d call that a good job.

The basic conceit is that as in various 12-step programs, cartoonists have sponsors they can call in moments of stress. A young cartoonist named Casey calls his sponsor, Alan, in the middle of the night to fret about another cartoonist named Tessa who has a six figure Kickstarter, a line out the door at a Rocketship signing, and a book deal with D&Q. Tessa’s success sends Casey into such a tizzy that he has to work things out and consider grad school, despite Alan’s insistence that Crumb never thought about hits. And despite his “stay strong” rhetoric to Casey, Alan soon picks up the phone to call his OWN sponsor.

Warren Ellis and Tula Lotay take on Rob Liefeld’s Supreme in SUPREME: BLUE ROSE


Back in the original days of Image Comics, Rob Liefeld’s Supreme was one of the central characters, a Superman analog who later enjoyed a fantastic run with Alan Moore at the writing helm. And now, with other Extreme STudios character completely rehabilitated (Glory, Prophet) Supreme is getting a new look with Warren Ellis and Tula Lotay (ELEPHANTMEN, The Witching Hour) taking on SUPREME: BLUE ROSE.

SDCC’13: Megan Byrd’s Friday Photo Marathon


Megan Byrd’s been hitting San Diego once more, and collected together photos from Dark Horse, Image, Boom, Felicia Day, various fantastic cosplayers, Hello Kitty, My Little Pony, and SO MUCH MORE!

Rob Liefeld and Gina Carano are Pitching an Avengelyne Movie


Many have wondered why exactly the pre-con presses said that Rob Liefeld and actress Gina Carano would be at San Diego together – but now it appears we have an answer. Borys Kit at the Hollywood Reporter has revealed that the pair are planning on taking Liefeld’s Avengelyne character and retooling the property into a […]

Interview: Rob Liefeld talks Brigade and Kickstarter


Rob Liefeld took a short break from comics after his departure from DC. Now he’s back with some familiar faces in a brand new adventure—and he’s turned to crowdfunding like everyone else.

Rob Liefeld announces he uses Facebook


In a rush for an attention getting headline, instead of checking with the most accessible comics pro on Twitter, another site this morning announced Rob Liefeld was retiring from comics, after seeing a Facebook comment Ethan, I am retired from comics but you have my blessing, it would look great if you drew it Upon […]

As Editor Brian Smith leaves DC, we learn you can’t spell schadenfreude without “Liefeld”


Former Marvel and now DC editor Brian Smith tweeted the other day that he was moving on to go back to his freelance work. Which is a fairly normal occurrence. Except when not long ago, the one and only Rob Liefeld was tweeting that you were a horrible editor and had small appendages. And so Smith’s departure was the occasion for another Liefeld broadside:

The Week In Creative Differences: John Rozum and Rob Liefeld

In comics, were one privy to what goes on in the editorial suite, you could probably do “The Hour In Creative Differences,” not “The Week.” That said, there have been a couple cases of creative differences that have bubbled to the surface in the last week or so: the circumstances of how John Rozum came to leave Static Shock and the demise of The Infinite from Robert Kirkman and Rob Liefeld.

Flashback: Hugh Hewitt vs Frank Miller in 1994

What was the world of comics like in 1994? This edition of the KCET nightly news show LIFE AND TIMES will give you the answer: much like today except there was a lot more hair and a lot less respect.

Kirkman and Liefeld team for THE INFINITE

Besties Robert Kirkman and Rob Liefeld will team on a new SFish book called THE INFINITE for Kirkman’s Skybound imprint at Image, USA Today reports.