ADVANCE REVIEW: The Wonderful Fever Dream of Hellboy in Hell #7

cover by Mignola with Stewart

England is gone, replaced by a new World Tree, promising to end this world and replace it with something new. Hellboy speaks with a spirit that may be his friend Alice, but who also appears to be something more. She delivers a prophecy of doom and beauty to Hellboy, who awakens, and finds himself in Hell once more. And then things start to get weird.

New Black Lightning Archive: DC, Tony Isabella Reconcile

Black Lightning 4

“Dogs and cats, living together!” – that’s what immediately popped into my mind yesterday when I read Tony Isabella praising DC on Facebook for how it was treating him in regard to Black Lightning.

24 Hours of International Comics: Pablo Makes an Icon Human (France)


Dreamy, symbolic, curious, and strange. Pablo by Julie Birmant and Clément Oubrerie is ostensibly the story of Pablo Picasso, a man, a modern artist, and an icon of the 20th century. But it’s a story told from the point of view of Fernande Olivier, also known as Amélie Lang, also known as Madame Paul Percheron, also known as the subject of more than 60 portraits made by Picasso.

Advance Review: The Fox Takes Something Borrowed and Makes It Something New

Cover by Dean Haspiel

The Fox, with story & line art by Dean Haspiel, script by Mark Waid, and colors by Allen Passalaqua, opens in media res with our titular hero tied up, lamenting his bad luck, and wishing for an ibuprofin. It’s a Spider-Man-like How did I get into this mess? inner monologue that introduces a delightfully self-deprecating superhero who’s already in over his head.