The Four Points #3   Story: Scott Lobdell Art: Jordan Gunderson Colors: Valentina Pinto Letters: Josh Reed Publisher: Aspen COmics       Team stories are probably the hardest to tell in comics, maybe anywhere. To enjoy any tale; the reader needs to know whose story it is. A perfect example would be when you […]


Review: Psycho Bonkers #1 is a cheat code for fun


I can’t sleep ’cause my car’s on fire
Don’t touch me I’m a real live wire
Psycho Bonkers


Review: Injustice Gods Among Us Year Four #1 (Digital) = Buy Me!

Injustice- Gods Among Us - Year Four (2015-) 001-000

Batman vs. Superman round four kicks off with a methodical weigh in.


Review: Secret Wars #1 is an Omelet of Marvel Warfare


When the worlds end the Secret Wars begin. Well…kinda…


Review: Convergence #3, This Cold War Starts to Warm Up

Convergence (2015) 003-000

The intergalactic monkey-knife-fight known as Convergence continues with issue three.


Review: Bringing Together The Four Points #1


Aspen Comics mightiest women unite in their new team book.


Review: BATMAN VS. ROBIN An Original Recipe With Familiar Ingredients

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 11.06.47 AM

DC Animated’s latest original animated feature brings excitement and owls


Review: Gotham Academy #6, The Kids of the Black Hole

Gotham Academy 006-000

As much as we love reading about the adventures of the world’s greatest detective, you have to figure Gotham city is probably a pretty messed up place to grow up. Walking down the street could get you turned inside out by Joker gas or someone in a skintight cat outfit could shred you to pieces. Even adolescents in this world have it rough. This is mostly due to Becky Cloonan and Brenden Fletcher. They put kids in buildings with Arkham inmates, fire hazards, and sinister looking headmasters. All these obstacles put forth for our enjoyment in Gotham Academy #6.


Review: HIT 1957, A Good Year For California Wine and Crime


Bryce Carlson writes a story for California history buffs. You’ll see a lot of seediness, which marred an influential period in the economic and social development of Los Angeles. In a book like this you won’t always be able to tell the good guys from the bad, and that’s the mark of any good noir.


Review: Giant Days “Boy Drama Will Be On The Test”


School’s in session. Take the GIANT DAYS test to see if you’ll like it. No studying required.


Review: strange things are afoot in Bill and Ted’s Triumphant Return


I wanted to like Bill and Ted’s Most Triumphant Return #1. And for the most part, I did. It’s got View Askew Productions veteran Brian Lynch on writing duties, who has done solid work for IDW’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer series spin-off Spike: Asylum. It’s got the art of Jerry Gaylord, who has lovingly personified other franchises like TMNT and Adventure Time. Yet while Bill and Ted were very much themselves, they also seemed to lose a little something in the translation.


Review: Crossing the Space Rubicon in SOUTHERN CROSS #1


Becky Cloonan does creator owned again and it’s the addictive equivalent of space cocaine.


Review: ALL-NEW HAWKEYE…Ready…Aim…Run

All-New Hawkeye (2015-) 001-000

Hawkeyes are back before the last volume ended and we’re fine with that.


Review: Big Con Job is a dark, meta, fandomy heist: and I can’t look away


Palmiotti and Brady have created a group of characters instantly familiar to fans of comic books, science fiction and fantasy in general: aging TV stars wearily working the convention circuit to earn their daily bread. There’s the buxom, Princess Leia-like love interest to the pulpy, Captain Kirk-ish Buck Blaster in the aptly-named series ‘Treck Wars’. The pair look out into a sparse audience that has turned on them


Review: dark deeds, secrets and lies lurk beneath the masks of Secret Identities #1


Secret Identities #1 wastes no time in establishing it’s universe. On the opening pages we’re thrown into a two page splash of super heroics familiar to even the casual comic reader. A team of eight archetypal heroes, known as the Front Line, converge in battle over downtown Toronto. They include a beautiful and deadly alien woman, a rock-bodied hulk , and a silver-suited man of super-human speed. A portal has been opened over the Canadian city, spewing wave after wave of nasty hell-creatures crashing over our heroes.


Review: Agent Carter explodes with action and sacrifice


As I was drying my tears following the dramatic conclusion of this week’s episode of Agent Carter, ‘Snafu’, all I could think about was that I wanted more. More Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter, whose range and presence eats up every frame of this small-screen show that plays like a big-screen adventure. More of the fabulous, smart dialogue and fantastic supporting cast; more of the beautiful costumes and period lighting — just more! More than just next week’s season finale.