Woot! Hope Larson and Rebecca Mock team for Compass South


Talk about a dream team: Hope Larson, author of the Wrinkle in Time GN adaptation and her own outstanding books Mercury and many more, is teaming with Rebecca Mock, the gif maestro and illustrator, for a new two book series aimed at middle grade readers. The first, Compass South, comes out June 2016 and deals […]


Diplo Steals from Rebecca Mock: On Entitlement, Ownership, and How Not To Act


Last week, musician and producer Diplo stole artwork by illustrator Rebecca Mock then harassed her when she called him out. In this op-ed, The Beat discusses digital artistic ownership, online harassment, and one of the reasons why people think it’s okay to act the way they act.


REVIEW: 10 Debuts at MoCCA Fest 2013


MoCCA Fest simulates the surreal experience of swimming in comics, even this year when things were more neatly arranged within their red curtained aisles, and perhaps it was more of a spa experience than it has been in the past. Being more orderly just meant that you were exposed to even more dizzyingly interesting indie […]