SDCC 2014: Random House signings with Pahlaniuk, Carroll, O’Malley, Gabaldon, GRRM and more


Some of the biggest stars at Comic-Con aren’t even on the CW. These stars write these book things, and you may want to see them or get them to sign your all time favorite book. At various times at the Random House/Ballantine/Del Rey booth you’ll find George R.R. Martin, Diane Gabaldon, Jim Butcher, Robin Hobb, […]

A 320 page version of Richard McGuire’s Here is coming this fall


Richard McGuire’s Here is a comics story originally published in RAW Magazine that used the comics form to dizzying effect, jumping from the dawn of time to the end of time using one specific location. It’s been anthologized many times, but but Random House is giving us all the HEre we could want with this […]

Random House and Penguin announce merger


As rumored last week, two major publishing companies Random House and Penguin have merged, creating one big Franken-publisher that will control 25% of the book market. Random House is the biggest publisher in the business, and is owned by German conglomerate Bertelsmann. Penguin is owned by British parent Pearson. The move is part of the […]

Coming Attractions: June 2011

Ah… Memorial Day approaches, and with it, summer vacation. Day after day of nothing which must be done, but full of possibilities! Maybe an escape to the air-conditioned refuge of your local library. Perhaps a day spent on the porch, sipping something cold and sinful (I prefer Brown Cows, served in a large ice tea glass). Or maybe hiding away up in a hayloft, or deep in a cool root cellar, where no one can find you. Whatever your preference, there’s nothing like a good book to make you forget the world around you. Below are some suggestions for your summer reading pleasures. (And if you need a nap to avoid the afternoon heat, give your kids something to read. It’ll keep them quiet long enough for you to recharge your batteries.)