Space Goat Productions launches its own print line


There’s a fool born every minute, but a comics publisher every other minute. But this one is launching with a pretty sound roll-out. Shon C. Bury’s Space Goat Productions is most known as a packaging and talent-management company, but in May they’re jumping into the publishing world with Space Goat Publishing. The line will launch with three titles, and has also snagged the license to Evil Dead 2. SG publishing will be making its debut at this weekend’s ComicsPRO meet

Must Read: Megan Rose Gedris on losing her creation to Platinum Studios


Just the other day I was remarking to a colleague that with so many publishing options and platforms available to young cartoonists, the rise of “shady publishers” like Platinum and TokyoPop has stopped and there are very few truly fly-by-night operations out there any more. Sadly, the damage was done, however, and here’s a sad, […]

Great Beast Comics Expands with Dangeritis, Hitsville UK and more


Great Beast Comics, the company set up by creators Adam Cadwell and Marc Ellerby, has been quietly building up a catalogue over the last few months. Originally founded to create a professional foundation for their own comic releases – allowing them to establish press releases, create their own brand, and make comics more readily available […]

On the Scene: MoCCA Fest 2013, Words from the Market-Wise at the ‘Art as Profession’ Panel


Holding panels in the wood-panelled bowels of the Armory this year at MoCCA Fest did bring a certain gravitas to the proceedings even if the location was a little difficult to locate for the unfamiliar. When I arrived at the “Art as Profession: Creating, Promoting, and Making Money in Comics” panel at 11:30 on Sunday […]

Announcing the Comics Industry People of the Year: Kate Beaton and Dan DiDio/Jim Lee

Last year the Beat inaugurated the Person of the Year award. In an industry where changing the status quo isn’t always greeted with joy, this is our way of recognizing the people who either move the needle and shake things up or exemplify a level of excellence that others can aspire to.

This year, votes were much more across the board. One person clearly got the most votes as a single person. However, a different executive team had more votes overall when both parts were added up. So, we used our executive power to declare both a Person of the Year and a Team of the Year. Who moved the comics industry in 2011 and will continue to be heard in 2012? Read on.

Industry Movers School Ya

Art schools and apprenticeships find themselves more popular than ever, let’s all tip our hats to inspiration artist Rudolph Töpffer’s for his creation of boarding school for boys. While anyone can teach themselves and become successful on their own, a lot of the specialty schools allow access to equipment, connections, mentorship of working professionals and opportunities in a condensed amount of time that are priceless.