Charlie Hebdo updates: a year of covers and Publishers Weekly


A few notes on Charlie Hebdo related matters, aside from the ongoing sorrow and tumult. Josselin Moneyron has a very fine analysis of the past year’s covers in terms of how much they mock religions and their satirical intent. Suffice to say that a lot of the satire goes right over non-French people’s heads. Of course satire that localized is easy to misinterpret or interpret according to local standards. It’s complicated.

Chris Ware covers Publishers Weekly Best Books of 2012 issue


Chris Ware contributed just another incredibly amazing cover for Publishers Weekly’s Best Books of 2012 issue, which was heroically put out by the staff remotely when our offices went black during Sandy. Special props to our IT guy Ernie, who had to climb the 16 flights of stairs to the office numerous times. Not only is this the first time the PW logo has been redesigned, but Ware’s epochal Building Stories was the favorite of the entire staff not just the Comics Dept.