Home of the Brave – a six-page preview


In case you’ve been wondering about the contents of the Kickstarter project we’ve been analyzing, Home of the Brave by Spencer Toyama and Jon Lewis. Here’s a six page preview of the 30 page preview available in full here. As you can see, this is not just another cookie cutter vampire werewolf story but a […]

Paul Pope’s Ghost Variant Saga #7 Cover and preview


Paul Pope has done the above variant cover for SAGA #7, which will only be available via a select group of retailers who belong to a shadowy cabal that has never been sighted in public. Only the variant covers prove its existence. And also here’s a six-page preview of the issue, on sale today—the first […]

First Look: FF #1 by Fraction and Allred


Here’s a look at a book that a lot of people will want to look at, the wacky new take on the FF by Matt Fraction and Mike Allred. The first issue ships 11/28 — and all issues will have special Marvel AR content. With the Fantastic Four embarking on an epic journey, an all-new […]

Lots of great books still coming up October & November 


…or at least in the UK. Forbidden Planet has a preview of October & November comics and it includes a pretty amazing line-up of books. A Posy Simmonds collection of her Guardian strips from the 70s and 80s. A new Hilda book by Luke Pearson Diana Thurg’s AUGUST MOON The Julio’s Day collection by Gilbert […]

First Look: Claudia's Story by Anne Rice and Ashley Witter

Among fall’s many anticipated releases, INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE: CLAUDIA’S STORY is an interesting twist on the graphic novel anticipation. Although Anne Rice’s much-loved vampire classic has been adapted before, in both traditional comics and manga, this book has an interesting twist: it’s told from the viewpoint of Claudia, the tragic child vampire of the […]

Preview: Think Tank #2 by Hawkins and Ekedal

Top Cow’s President Matt Hawkins has gone back to the keyboard as the co-creator and writer of THINK TANK, an ongoing B&W series about a government scientist who starts coming up with some tech that is too hot to handle. The artist is Rahsan Ekedal, who previously drew ECHOES and THE CRAZIES for Top Cow. The book is part of their more experimental Minotaur line, and so far it’s a pretty taut thriller. Issue #2 comes out next week. Here’s a preview of issue #1.

Preview: The Odyssey by Seymour Chwast

Revered designer Seymour Chwast has been romping in the graphic novel field of late, with his own versions of The Divine Comedy and The Canterbury Tales. Now he’s doing The Odyssey…and here’s a sample, in the dread Issu format.

Preview: Pope Hats #3

Ethan Rilly’s POPE HATS is a throwback to the golden era of indie comic books—a time undreamed of when LOVE AND ROCKETS and EIGHTBALL and HATE and YUMMY FUR came out every two months or so, and the comics periodical was an actual discrete unit of entertainment. It’s also a reference to the finely observed, beautifully drawn comics…and yeah, it only comes out once a year or so, but it’s worth waiting for.

Preview: Angie Wang for SP7 Alt. Comics Tribute to GARO Manga

Amid a flurry of controversy over the Kickstarter for this Garo tribute, Angie was kind enough to pass over her contribution, titled “The Teacup Tree,” a whimsical tale of the coming of age and the tragic loss of imaginary friends.

Nice art: HAWKEYE #2 and the sweet archery of David Aja

Stately Beat Manor approves of David Aja art. Click for larger images.

HAWKEYE #2, written by Matt Fraction with art and cover by Aja, goes on sale September 5.

SDCC 12: Cryptozoic demos DC game

We got a chance to look at Cryptozoic’s latest project, the DC Comics Deck Building Game on Thursday morning. Cryptozoic has been a strong presence building geek culture games, adopting Penny Arcade, The Walking Dead, and The Big Bang Theory. Now their aim is to adopt DC’s comic universe into the next big game.

Preview: orgy of zombie death in Fatima: The Blood Spinners #1 (NSFW!)

There’s an absurd number of great comics out today but here’s one that hasn’t had too much advance buzz—maybe because author Gilbert Hernandez is SO DARNED PROLIFIC. Anyway, FATIMA: THE BLOOD SPINNERS #1 is his take on zombies, with an eyeball-squeezing mix of a deadly femme zombie hunter and mindless violence. It’s a four-issue miniseries and it also features alternate covers by Peter Bagge.

Exclusive preview: CLEVELAND by Harvey Pekar and Joseph Remnant

The late Harvey Pekar left behind several projects in various stages of composition, but none was as close to him as CLEVELAND, a love letter and social history of the city that was his muse—an everyman town of ordinary people and the mundane swirl of life that is nonetheless extraordinary. For Cleveland, Pekar’s script found an artist among the greatest of his collaborators: Joseph Remnant, whose dense cross hatched naturalism recalls Crumb (who we meet in these pages) but finds its own voice with expansive staging and research.


Howard Cruse is one of the groundbreaking cartoonists of the last 30 years, with his iconic BAREFOOTZ and WENDEL—the latter a pioneering gay-themed comic that ran in the Advocate—and his founding GAY COMIX, an underground anthology. His STUCK RUBBER BABY was one of the early post-MAUS examples of the graphic novel coming of age as a literary medium. And that’s just the highlights of a long award winning career.

Now Boom! Town is bringing out THE OTHER SIDES OF HOWARD CRUSE, a thick hardcover which includes his work from the light-hearted Barefootz strips, his take on Nancy and Little Lulu, and the iconoclastic sheep Shearwell going on a “trip” or two, and other underground comics. The book is available in May. Boom has provided us with an exclusive preview — and yes, this story is VERY NSFW.

Exclusive preview: MY FRIEND DAHMER

Today Derf Backderf’s memoir MY FRIEND DAHMER dropped in comics shops. It’s the true story of some fairly typical loserish guys in high school..one of whom will grow up to be one of the most horrifying serial killers of the 20th century. And who already shows signs of being completely without empathy.

DC's Complete March Previews

Here’s the complete March 2012 solicitations from DC Comics. Enjoy!