Review: Valhalla Mad #1 Offers Incentive to Raise a Glass


Story: Joe Casey Art: Paul Maybury Letters: Rus Wooton Designer: Sonia Harris Flats: Ricky Valenzuela Publisher: Image Comics Their names are legend: the Glorious Knox! Greg Horn the Battlebjörn! Jhago the Irritator! Three warrior gods vacationing on Earth, just looking to get their drink on and have a good time! Join the drunken festivities with […]

Second Sullivan’s Sluggers Kickstarter campaign is suspended amid new charges and old blog posts


Well, that didn’t take long .The Sullivan’s Slugger’s thing we reported on a little while ago has now blown up everywhere.

First off, Kickstarter has suspended the campaign, which seemed to be being used for selling new stock, which is against Kickstarter rules: