Listen to Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s ‘Locke & Key’ audio (comic) book for free right now


  Don’t have time to read the award winning horror best seller, Locke & Key, by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez?  The same company that brought you Jamal Igle’s Molly Danger audio book, AudioComics, adapted the New York Times best seller for Audible. I don’t feel comfortable calling this 13 1/2 hour full production an audio book […]

*FRIDAY UPDATE* SDCC ’15 Exclusive Funko Toy Announcements

Pop! TV: American Horror Story: Freak Show - Twisty Unmasked

By Nick Eskey Thanks for tuning in boys and girls! This is the Friday update for the newest Funko toy exclusives available at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. If you want to find any of the previously announced figures, go ahead and check back through the articles for “Funko” and “SDCC ’15.” Just as a […]

Indie Comics Month-to-Month Sales February 2015: Orphan Black is #1


Spring has sprung for the indie comics titles this month, with Orphan Black leading the charge. The first issue sold nearly half a million copies, which is almost more than the combined sales of the top fifty selling indie comics this month. Spawn’s 250th issue also spurred a selling frenzy, catapulting the title to the top of the chart – between The Walking Dead and Saga.

This month 138 titles hit the top 300 list, which is slightly down from last month’s 142. The Orphan Black phenomenon brought sales up 41.6%; 1,969,396 sales in February compared to 1,391,241 in January. This brings the average number of comics sold to 14,271, which is also up from last month’s average of 9,867. We’ll see how next month fairs without a knock-out hit like Orphan Black.

Sales Charts: IDW’s Orphan Black #1 is best selling title for February

Orphan Black #1

What th–!!?? IDW’s Orphan Black #1, following the mysteries of a cloned woman, was the #1 comic of February, according to the figures released today by Diamond. While details of the crate haven’t been released yet, its suspected that the comic is part of the March Loot Crate offering. With 350,000 subscribers (and growing) this has become something of a cottage industry for comics like Rocket Raccoon #1 and Star Wars #1.

Orphan Black #1 Review: Preserve Your Deoxyribonucleic Acid!


Writers: Graeme Manson, John Fawcett, and Jody Houser Artist: Szymon Kudranski Colors: Mat Lopes Letters: Neil Uyetake Orphan Black #1 is one of the strangest comics to hit store shelves in years. Each issue of this series focuses on a different clone from the hit television series. The show has a soap opera tone in […]