So how was LA’s Comikaze?


Even as comic-con fever sweeps the nation, a few areas remain problematic, and of them all the most problematic has traditionally been Los Angeles, where a relatively inaccessible downtown convention center and the generally spread out nature of Angeleno life has necessitated many trucks of fuel in order to get a full head of convention steam going. The answer has been Comikaze, the third-year show that went all stops out this year, including an ongoing pact with Stan Lee and a newer one with Diamond. It was also widely promoted on the Syfy TV show Fangasm, as much discussed here and elsewhere. Held this past weekend, it was definitely a success, with attendance of more than 50,000 people. With many media deals in place, including a partnership with Advanstar, and plans to expand internationally, Comikaze looks to become a big player in the convention field, so this year’s show deserves attention. What worked and what didn’t? Read on to find out.

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