Diamond retailer breakfast: Dynamite, BOOM!, and Valiant all joining the FOC program


At the Diamond Retailer appreciation breakfast this morning, after being forced to surrender phones and become sequestered behind a blast shield door, attendees were treated to some new footage from IRON MAN 3 which included the scene of Tony Stark getting his suit on to the strains of the Run DMC classic “Christmas in Hollis” […]


NYCC: On the Scene: Chris Hardwick and Fred Siebert Talk Digital Culture


By Hannah Means-Shannon Following an afternoon’s intensive session in the highs and lows of digital media and the state of the comics industry at ICv2’s conference at NYCC, led by Milton Griepp , Chris Hardwick of the THE NERDIST PODCAST and longtime TV producer Fred Siebert (ADVENTURE TIME, FAIRLY ODDPARENTS, Frederator Studios) regaled the audience […]


NYCC: PW’s ICv2 Conference coverage


Here’s my piece for PW on The ICV2 conference with coverage of the white paper, kids panel, digital panel and worldwide publishing panel. Analyzing sales by channel, graphic novels are up 13% in the comics specialty market, and down 18% in bookstores, still recovering from the loss of Borders. Digital is showing growth all the […]


NYCC: Marvel Announce Season One Books for Wolverine, Iron Man, and Thor


And now we enter into the world of NYCC, with sprawling corridors filled with multi-limbed octopeople, powerpoint presentations, and announcements. Marvel have today announced that they are to continue their series of ‘Season One’ Graphic Novels, with the release of Wolverine, Iron Man, and Thor books. Telling the origin and first adventures of these Marvel […]


NYCC: New distributor Comic Flea Market launches


Judging by the number of emails featuring new business announcements we’re getting, comics must be HOT. here’s a new attempt at a mini-distributor: Comic Flea Market. Not too much offered yet but Bluewater, but who knows… Here’s the PR: The new comic book distribution company Comic Flea Market will be displaying at the New York […]


NYCC 12: Day 0—comics sales up 8% for the year


I hate to differ with Torsten but I think Wednesday still counts as a Day Zero becuase of the ICv2 conference—a lot of people came over and milled about. I thought the panels at this year’s conference were excellent topics and could have gone a lot longer, but maybe better to be left wanting more. […]


Andy Diggle takes over Action Comics in March


England’s own Andy Diggle has been announced as the new writer for Action Comics, taking over the series from Grant Morrison as of issue #18, in March next year. He’ll be joined by artist Tony Daniel on the series, as is revealed on DC’s The Source website today. Speaking on the news, Diggle talks a little […]


Today is Torsten Day at Stately Beat Manor!


Last year, The Beatrix proclaimed October 10th “Torsten Day”, so I thought, “Why not make it an ongoing celebration?” 


One more NYCC party: Oni Press at Bergen Street Comics TONIGHT


We left this one out of Party Poop!:   Join Oni Press and Bergen Street Comics as we kickoff New York City Comic Con 2012 with the most radical of all signings known to man on Wednesday, October 10th, 2012, from 6pm-9pm or later. Philip Gelatt and Tyler Crook, creators of Petrograd, will be in […]


NYCC 12: Where To Find The Beat


Short answer: splattered on a sidewalk. Longer answer: When not in an interview or meeting, my home base will be the Publishers Weekly booth, #3147. I’ll be there with beat alumna Kate Fitzsimons and the rest of the PW crew (But NOT Calvin Reid, who’s at the Frankfort Book Fair for a change). Please stop […]


NYCC 12: Day -1 GallaCon


It was a day jammed with drama, excitement anxiety and grueling deadlines. Fun, in other words. There was more fun when I went to GallaCon, the mini-comic-con put on by NYU’s Gallatin school. It turns out Gallatin is the “name your own major” program at NYU, and Marvel’s Daniel Ketchum and (formerly) Bon Alimango are […]


First Look: New York Comic Con 2012 Pre-Show and the breastfeeding-mobile


Beat Pal Paul Nomad has been roaming around the still-forming NYCC show floor, and took a lot of pictures. There’s a Saga car. Who wouldn’t want a car with a winged woman breastfeeding on the hood?


NYCC: Events and Party Poop


It’s an already busy tornado of all things pop culture this week, as NYCC Week kicks off with a few events tonight. And it just picks up steam from there. Take your vitamins! And if we missed anything, please post in the comments. TUESDAY NYU’s GallaCon: 6:30-9:30 More info here: MARVEL: The Untold Story release […]


NYCC: Midtown Comics

Midtown Comics Booth Signings: FRIDAY 2:00-4:00 Brian K Vaughan (Saga, Y: The Last Man, Ex Machina, Runaways) and Fiona Staples (Saga, Mystery Society, Northlanders, Jonah Hex) SATURDAY 12:30-1:30 Matt Wagner (Sandman Mystery Theatre, Grendle, Mage, Madame Xanadu) 3:00-4:00 Mike Mignola (Hellboy, B.P.R.D., Baltimore, Amazing Screw-On Head) and Christopher Golden (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Baltimore, Joe […]


The absolute COOLEST swag at NYCC: Paul Pope messenger bag for The Project Solution


Have you ever wish you could be stylish AND help save the world all at the same time? If only such a thing was possible, you thought. And if only I could do it at New York Comic Con. Well, now you can. The Project Solution, the non-profit organization headed by Joe Gonzalez (known to […]


NYCC 12: Color Scott Pilgrim V2 will be available in three editions


If you haven’t seen the new color, hardcover versions of SCOTT PILGRIM, we’ll let you in on the secret: They’re GAWJUS. Volume 2, Lucas Lee, goes on sale at NYCC in the editions outlined below. Knives Chau is on the cover of the regular edition, while Lucas Lee is on the cover of the EVIL […]