Newsarama is also getting a redesign and a new, mysterious logo…comics industry teetering on the brink


It seems that in response to long time rival rebranding and getting a redesign and new logo, is also getting a makeover starting with t anew logo, seen above. Newsarama will not be updating until Tuesday morning, August 30th, but please come back then for a little newness… And keep an eye on […]

Marvelous Weekend: Mary Jane in the Armor, the All-New Wasp and more!


Like thunder, like lightning Newsarama has just dropped some brand new details involving a collection of All-New, All-Different Marvel titles. First up, is something that has been a long time coming with the various Marvel teasers, we have a sneak peek at the All-New Wasp in the Marvel Universe. Marvel is releasing the title May […]