On the Scene: what the New Jersey Comic Expo debut says about the state of comic cons


[Disclosure: I was a guest at the NJCE and participated in the programming so bear that in mind as you read what follows.] Are there too many comic cons? Absolutely. Is there room for one more? Almost certainly. That’s the paradox that I had on my mind as I went out to Edison, NJ for […]

Atlantic City Boardwalk Con 2015: Inaugural Show Has Promise


When I first heard of the Atlantic City Boardwalk Con, my gut had some trepidation: A first-time convention, from a new company.  (A little research, and I discovered it was the company which builds and manages booths for various comic book publishers, as well as manages other consumer events.) A first-time convention, in a convention […]

East Coast Comicon Has An Amazing Guest List!

So, over in the Meadowlands this weekend, there’s this little comic con going on… Nothing big… a few media celebrities, a few Silver Age greats, the up-and-coming talent with a few credit… Ah… who am I kidding?!  I recognize almost every name teased below!  Every decade from the 60s to the 10s is represented with Hall-Of-Famers, […]

Like Springsteen, Asbury Park Comicon Hits the Big Time in the Meadowlands!


Crucial Entertainment, best known for their amazing comics-focused comic cons in Asbury Park, New Jersey, premieres their inaugural East Coast Comicon in the Meadowlands this weekend!  10 AM – 6 PM Saturday and Sunday, just minutes from the New York City! We’ll have a teaser post momentarily about the amazing guests and exhibitors, but here’s the […]

Legos! Space Telescopes! Sulu! Rutgers University Hosts “Geek Week” on Campus!

2014 Sundance Film Festival - George Takei Portraits

Rutgers University, the state university of New Jersey, is hosting their fourth annual Geek Week on campus! Yes.  GEEK.  Not “Greek”, but maybe Klingon… As their website explains: Geek Week is an annual week of events celebrating all things “geeky” at Rutgers University. From tabletop and video gaming, to music, cosplay, academic panels based on […]