DC New 52: It’s showtime!

Over at the Source blog, DC’s braintrust shared their hopes for the relaunch hitting tonight. Including
Dan DiDio:


New 52: Stormwatch gets a trailer

Spanish comics enabler David Macho has been doing a great job of promoting the DC relaunch comics his stable of artists is involved with, last week via tons of preview art. This week he’s doing somethign even more ambitious — trailers! And not motion comics trailers, either. Here’s the one for STORMWATCH by Paul Cornell and Miguel Sepúlveda.


DC’s Midnight Madness events

DC has posted a list of events for the launch of the New 52, including Midnight Madness at Midtown Comics which will feature Jim Lee and Geoff Johns signings JLA #1. Sounds like quite the hootnanny.


DC Comics trailer for The New 52 debuts

DC has been promising a HUGE marketing campaign for the New 52 launching in just a few trembling weeks. And now the first ad is online, but not embeddable yet. (Drat.) HEro Complex is showing a 30-second version which will be shown in movie theaters as part of National CineMedia’s “FirstLook” ad block — you know, in between the ads for Fanta and something starring Ashton Kitcher.


New, younger Superman is single, more broody and “Twi-lighty”

Perhaps inspired by the success of the SUPERMAN; EARTH ONE gn with it’s younger, more teen-friendly Superman, the DCnÜ Superman will similarly be a jeans-wearing, broodier alien who is NOT married to Lois Lane.

In fact, Lois is dating another guy! Is he named Jacob Black or Eric Northman? Only time will tell.

The new cover by Rags Morales is one of the best of the current relaunch, a nice iconic shot of the Man of Steel in his jeans, t-shirt and running shoes outfit. According to the PR he’s soon to don his battle armor that pays tribute to his Kryptonian Past. It was either that or a friendship bracelet.


Conspiracy corner: Pants, kittens, credits

DC Comics is either smart or crazy…or both. Their policy of extremely controlled release of information on the New 52 has led to Kremlinology being taken to new heights as every post on The Source leads to people examining everything with a fine tooth comb…(and sometimes finding franks and beans) and DC getting more and more publicity out of it, even when it looks like a mistake or change of direction.


DC announces October Bat-family books, two new miniseries

Okay so this is how it’s going to go. Following on the heels of the New 52, DC is announcing its October books with a smatter of new miniseries and other extras. The Batbooks were revealed today with a new Huntress mini by Paul Levitz and a Penguin mini by Gregg Hurwitz..

In addition, as expected, often tardy writer/artist David Finch has been joined by Paul Jenkins and Jay Fabok on DETECTIVE COMICS #2. Graeme McMillan says this is the first DC book to crack, but we haven’t seen all the #2s yet.


DC’s FAQ for the New 52

In answer to all the questions that retailers — and a few readers and certainly Beat readers have — DC has sent out an FAQ on the relaunch/reboot/September to their retailer accounts, with a cover letter by Bob Wayne. It shows great insight into what people are squawking about and gives a good fact sheet on returnability, pricing, digital, and so on. Well be back later with analysis of all this.