DC December Announcements in Full: The Suiciders and more


DC-s announcements for products shipping in FEbruary are out today and here’s the WHOLE thing! what will you try What will make you cry?   THE MULTIVERSITY: MASTERMEN #1 Written by GRANT MORRISON Art and cover by JIM LEE and SCOTT WILLIAMS 1:10 B&W Variant cover by JIM LEE 1:25 Variant cover by AARON KUDER […]

This year’s DC Collectibles Preview

Mera seems to love the camera.

By: Nick Eskey DC Collectibles had a fine showing today of toys, figurines, and statues for the upcoming year. Each one meets the fine level of detail that is synonymous with the DC brand. With the variety of collectible shown, it was hard to decide what to talk about in length. For their action figures, […]

The End of I, Vampire and the Cancellation of Creativity

I, Vampire #19 Cover

A spoiler-free farewell to my beloved favourite, and a note of regret from an ex-fan of the New 52.

REVIEW: Is She Ready for Her Close-up? KATANA #1-3


Katana, if you haven’t heard, has received her own series, and given a chance to spread her wings and the main focus of a narrative, it’s interesting to see whether her character can handle that kind of scrutiny. That requires a certain depth of personality, motivation, and a world to move in that will at […]

Let Me Tell You What Trinity War Is


Dearest readers! Brian Truitt, that most handsome of USA Today reporters, has today revealed what DC’s Trinity War event will actually be about. There were thoughts this might be about the trinity of Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman, or even the trinity of Phantom Stranger, The Question, and Pandora — but no! This will instead […]

NYCC: Giffen Returns to Cosmic Comics for DC’s Threshold


Starting a new wave for DC, I believe their fourth, comes the announcement that a new property will be launching from the company in January called Threshold. A space series featuring a number of DC’s cosmic characters, the series will be written by Keith Giffen and drawn by Tom Raney.

Rob Liefeld quits DC

Recent tweets seemed to indicate that Rob Liefeld and DC were not exactly on the same page on the books he was writing at DC. Here are the tweets of the last 10 minutes:

How the New 52 saved comics

It’s nearly a year later, and retailer Brian Hibbs is first out of the gate with an analysis of the New 52, a year later and he says it was good. An attached chart shows all the books up significantly for the year, and more importantly, as Bob Wayne promised at Comic-Con last year, the New 52 actually enlarged the pie with some new readers:

DC Finally Remember that Black Lightning is Amazing

Black Lightning is returning to the DC Universe! and blue devil BLACK LIGHTNING IS COMING BACK!

Before Watchmen and New 52 Wave Two art revealed: is it really a leak when someone holds the notebook open?

Last week, BuzzFeed, the hugely popular “viral” media site, went on a photo tour of DC’s offices, including a slideshow that we now can’t find that included shots of publicity VP David Hyde’s office. Which was ironic, since early last week it was announced Hyde was leaving DC.

Well apparently, while on that tour someone held open the ultra-secret notebook of Watchmen art, which was handcuffed to Bob Wayne’s wrist at the retailer summit week before last.

DC Retailer Survey results: older, male, middle-class, avid

How many statistics can one news day handle? DC has just released results from their Retailer Survey which they launched in conjunction with the New 52. As we noted at the time, the survey was aimed at gauging interest in each and every New 52 title, as well as general readership demographics. As such, it represents the most comprehensive reader survey a comics company has made in some time. While it’s very New 52-centric, it does reveal a lot. While DC has released their own bullet points, which we’ve shown below, ICv2 has more info and an interview with John Rood. You’ll want to head over there and digest the whole thing. But here’s the broad picture:

DC updates New 52 collection plans

Ending some speculation, DC released an updated schedule for New 52 collections, and even the red shirt six titles that already joined the hall of heroes WILL be collected in their entirety — all eight issues of Omac, Static Shock, etc, will be collected. Nice move there, actually.

DC cuts six, adds six to New 52; brings back Earth 2

Some shall stand and some shall fall. Everyone know it was only a matter of time before some adjustments would be made to the New 52 line-up — and the John Rood/Bob Wayne interviews hinted that it was coming soon — and boom — six in and six out.

Heading into the big used comics box in the sky are BLACKHAWKS, HAWK AND DOVE, MEN OF WAR, MISTER TERRIFIC, O.M.A.C. and STATIC SHOCK, which will all end with their eighth issue (Meaning two issues of each will be forever uncollected — see we told you to go to that back issue bin.)

Adding to the lineup, a variety of new and long-rumored titles — and news of more crossovers and more parallel worlds.

DC's red hood lady gets a name: Pandora

After carefully strewing the Woman in the Red Hood, who kicked the whole collapsed multiverse in FLASHPOINT, through every debut issue of The New 52, she’s got a name: Pandora.

She also has a double-breasted jacket, like everyone had in The Watchmen……hm.

Anyway, looks like the first mega crisis crossover of the new DCU is getting set up.

Gene Ha fills in on JUSTICE LEAGUE #7

Ever since the New 52’s flagship book — Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s JUSTICE LEAGUE — was announced people have been sniggeringly wondering when it would miss shipping because of Lee’s lateness. Well, haters, they just aren’t going to let that happen: Gene Ha has been announced for JUSTICE LEAGUE #7 — as excellent a fill-in artist as you could find.

Message: DC is serious about shipping on time.

Casting a Paul: Jenkins replaces Cornell on Stormwatch

Oh that old New 52 gang…the memories. But it’s breaking up so fast. Over on Twitter writer Paul Cornell confirmed that he was off STORMWATCH with issue #6, but

I’ll be staying on Demon Knights and Saucer Country, but #6 is my last issue of Stormwatch. Thanks, everyone, and good luck to Paul Jenkins.

The new STORMWATCH writer is Paul Jenkins, but he’s only been confirmed for two issues.