Cosby and Salas Bestow Fantastic Presentation upon Prince Valiant (Review)


Writer: Nate Cosby Pencils: Ron Salas Color: Luigi Anderson Letters: Marshall Dillon Cover: Darwyn Cooke Dynamite’s recent relaunch of King heroes is finally here. This week’s title is Prince Valiant. While I’m not familiar with Valiant, author Nate Cosby, or even artist Ron Salas, I did find an emotional hook here that is incredibly distinctive. This […]

Greg Pak Talks Turok and the Lost Art of Dinosaur Hunting [Interview]


One of Dynamite’s big announcements this year was the imminent revival of their Gold Key Properties – with four titles relaunching as a result. This will see Doctor Spektor, Magnus: Robot Fighter and Solar: Man of the Atom relaunch next year with new creative teams and their own mini-universe. The fourth series announced, with Greg […]

Nate Cosby and Chris Eliopoulos Launch Cow Boy: Unconquerable


After the success of their first graphic novel, the Cow Boy team of Nate Cosby and Chris Eliopoulos have announced that September will see a follow-up to the story called Cow Boy: Unconquerable. Hurrah!

Good Work, Comics: Boy Bands and Shadow Edition


It’s getting tougher all the time, as Paul McCartney would’ve likely sung if the Beatles had reunited for a jaded comeback tour in the 1990s. All you want in life is for Stephanie Brown to get just one bit of respect, but time and time again your dreams are shatteringly recoloured at the last moment. And […]

Nice Art: The Thing fighting while holding an ice cream cone

Each week, former Marvel editor Nate Cosby asks people to draw things and they draw them. This week: BEN GRIMM (THE THING) FIGHTING WHILE HOLDING AN ICE CREAM CONE. This contribution is by Evan “Doc” Shaner , a ComicTwart member who is very talented indeed. More Things and ice cream in the link.