Preview: All-New, All-Different Avengers Annual #1 features some delightful art and “fanfiction”!


Such a great idea. Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel was a superhero fan before she became a superhero, and this annual for the (soon to be but a memory) All New, All Different Marvel, has a great gimmick: creators including G. Willow Wilson, Mahmud Asrar, Mark Waid, Chip Zdarsky, Natasha Allegri, Zac Gorman, Jay Fosgitt, […]

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: G. Willow Wilson Accepts the Second Annual Dwayne McDuffie Diversity in Comics Award for MS. MARVEL


Yesterday, G. Willow Wilson won the Second Annual Dwayne McDuffie Awards for Diversity in Comics for her work with artist Adrian Alphona on Ms. Marvel.  The ceremony was held at Long Beach Comic Expo and began with a speech by Khary Payton (Teen Titans), host of the awards and long time collaborator with the late Dwayne McDuffie (Static Shock).  He recounted […]

The Beat’s Best Comics of 2015


The Comics Beat’s staff votes on the best Comic Books and Graphic Novels of the year.

Marvel’s Women’s History Month Variants Will Rock Your World


March is Women’s History Month, and in 2016 Marvel plans on celebrating the tradition by releasing a series of variant covers featuring some of the company’s most prolific female heroes.  These covers feature art by a variety of progressive and unique talents such as Tula Lotay, Annie Wu, Jamie McKelvie, and Emanuela Lupacchino. As Comics […]

Ms. Marvel #1 Explores Kamala Khan’s role in the Avengers

Ms-Marvel-1-Cover-0a970 (1)

Marvel is prepping to relaunch their entire line (which we are taking a look at in critical detail) including the acclaimed Ms. Marvel series. Ms. Marvel was promoted to Captain Marvel in 2012 effectively leaving the Ms. Marvel moniker open. Kamala Khan swooped in two years later after the events of Infinity triggered a terrigen […]

Discussion Points: Line-Wide Crossovers are Great for Sales, Awful for New Readers


On my lunch break today, I decided to catch up on a few books I had fallen behind on.  Among them was Silk.  I picked up the latest issue, branded with the “Last Days of…” banner given to all Marvel mainline Secret Wars tie-ins, and while I missed the cleanliness of regular artist Stacy Lee’s lines, I found […]

Marvel Month-to-Month Sales – July 2015: A Cavalcade of Mini-Wars!


by Xavier Lancel Welcome to a new analysis of the Marvel sales. Reminder: I’m French, and that’s why I’m talking funny. Please address your complaints to my French-people-are-never-happy country. Reminder: the sales data referenced below is  an estimate of sales to comics shops located in North America. American comics do get sold elsewhere in their original floppy […]

Ms. Marvel wins Hugo Award amid controversy


The Hugo Awards, honoring the best in science fiction, were presented this weekend surrounded by a nebula of controversy. Amy Wallace has a lengthy write-up at Wired explaining everything, but the short version is… Well, there is no short version. The award nominations, which are open to attendees and supporters of the annual WorldCon, became […]