Valiant, Orens and Midtown Comics team for special green tea drink


  Leave it to Valiant to come up up with the most innovative comics book marketing tie-ins. This time they’ve come up with a special drink to celebrate their main man, X-0 Manorwar—the X-O Manowar Green Tea Blast, which will be available at Oren’s Daily Roast outlets around New York. When you buy the drink […]

Midtown Comics Announces Wednesday comics delivery via Zipments


The Wednesday crowd may just be a stay-at-home crowd for some Manhattan readers. Midtown Comics has partneredwith Zipments, an on demand NYC delivery network which will zip your copy of Katana to you as soon as it comes out. They’re offering an introductory fee of $4.99 for the service, but the regular price will be […]